Medicinal Herbs
used for prevention and curative treatment of various diseases

Marigold medicinal herb
ginger medicinal herb

Welcome to, the right choice for healthy living, which is being proclaimed throughout the history of herbs. These benefits are quoted strongly in the Bible, Koran, Siddhar poems of Tamils, Vedas and other old texts. 

This is tradition for many of us, a passion for me and it is surely getting a lot of attention these days.

Are you suffering with an ailment that cannot seem to get better? Are you worried about the expense of prescribed medications? Be reminded that God's plan was that everyone should plant herbs in his garden, and also gather those that grow wild and use them for their purposes.

Medicinal plants and their uses are sanctioned by God.   A return to natural healing is the need of our time. This is an affordable way to treat sicknesses and diseases.

Garlic, medicinal herbs
Guinea hen weed

History of my beginnings with medicinal herbs

I remembered as a child, I was rarely sick, rarely went to the doctor because of the herbs my grandmother used on most occasions. She practiced natural home remedies, much to the approval of everyone around her. 

She used medicinal herbs for tea, for minor cuts and bruises, for various ailments and illnesses. No wonder healthy living is my first choice today.  Alternative health should be everyone's main priority for an wholesome life. 

The primitive man found out that plants had medicinal properties by trying those plants himself. He discovered by trial and error which medicinal herbs helped and which harmed.  Today, we inherited his discovery and can enjoy the health benefits of these plants.

The lemon grass and peppermint were two of my favorites and they were planted right in my backyard. This was very economical because we never had to purchase drink products to make hot beverages, we used the medicinal plants to make herbal tea which is referred to as 'bush tea ' in Jamaica. 

Jamaican bush tea is a term used to describe Jamaican medicinal plants that can be used as herbal tea.  I still practice this today. I cannot help it, it is a part of me.

At present, we have so many sicknesses and diseases that I am convinced that if more people were using the natural plants given to man by God we would have a more healthy nation, toxic and chemical free.

Therefore, following the guidelines of herbal preparations are very important to achieve this healthy lifestyle with the use of these precious plants with their powerful medicinal properties.

Ram goat national medicinal herb aka damiana
Dandelion medicinal herb

Medicinal herbs uses started eons ago

They have been used to treat illnesses for thousands of years and because of this traditional medicine, it is currently flourishing today as the primary form of medicine for many individuals.

Gardeners who established herb gardens for culinary use, in many cases, the same garden may also be used for medicinal purposes as most of these healing herbs can be termed as medicinal creating a variety of herbal remedies as well as herbal therapy.

As taken from the Back To Eden book, some of the first things Moses taught the Israelites after they left Egypt were, to keep their premises clean, wash their clothes and their bodies, and discard all the harmful articles, including the lustful diet of flesh that they had been eating while they were slaves in Egypt.

They were taught to live on simple nourishing food and to use these medicinal herbs for their medicine and also to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let us all live as closely as we can in harmony with God's invaluable guidelines for our well-being and according to Isaiah 58:8, our health shall spring forth speedily.

Take the time to look around, feel free to contact me as this site is a guide to maintain your health, obtain health benefits, prevent diseases, reverse damaged health conditions and give you a new leash on life by utilizing and learning all about medicinal herbs.

The following is a list of related herbal contents with excellent information to achieve a greater understanding of medicinal herbs


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