Achochilla Herb

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Achochilla or Cerasee

Achochilla or Cerasee

Have you ever heard of achochilla herb? It is one of the common names referring to cerasee medicinal herb. Bet you did not know that!

It is a very popular plant in Jamaica and it is commonly used by most people. Some of the other common names are madian apple as well as caprika.

Achochilla tea is widely used to treat diabetes and other ailments. It can be considered one of the bitter herbs and is a remedy for impure blood.

There are many shops and shopping centers where you can purchase achochilla tea. is an online shopping center where you can purchase cerasee.

Achochilla China Capsules and tablets are also available online.

When you utilize cerasee or achochilla, you will be joining thousands of individuals who are already using this precious herb.

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Cerasee Bath
Cerasee Tea

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