Acne and burdock medicinal herb is an herbal skin remedy to get rid of acne

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Acne and Burdock root are combined to naturally treat and combat acne.  People will continue to ask this question, how do I treat acne?  However, burdock medicinal herb is seen as the best herbal treatment or medicinal herb remedy for acne and a cure for pimples and this has been utilized as an alternative medicine for years.  This herbal remedy should be the answer to many sufferers of acne.

Acne on the face is a very annoying ailment and it is a condition that every teenager and young adult struggle to overcome.  Burdock root is a medicinal herb that is utilized worldwide for this condition. It is just as effective if used internally or externally. This will help to improve the health of the skin and the good thing about this is that there are no known side effects from using burdock root to treat acne.

Age is not really a factor in this present time and this is probably due to a changing environment.  There are more adults who are now suffering from what some people term as the adult acne.  However, thank God, it can be treated naturally, especially with the help of the burdock plant.

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Some medications that are used for acne are Duac, Zineryt, Tetralysal as well as Isotretinoin.  However, many individuals prefer natural remedy that has been traditionally used for many years.

Burdock root, which is also known as gobo root, is a very excellent source of minerals. Some of these minerals are manganese, phosphorus, iron, chromium, and silicon. It is one of the foremost detoxifying herbs. Some people find the root edible, while others prefer the tea which at present is a source of treating cancer as well.

Acne and burdock is one of the
best combinations for healing acne

The real reason burdock root is one of the best medicinal herbs for acne is that it detoxifies the body through cleansing of the blood and at the same time increase urine production. So through the medicinal purifying of the blood it naturally heals acne and other blemishes of the skin, hence acne burdock.

The burdock root tea taken freely will heal acne and also all kinds of skin diseases.  It may also be used to wash the face affected by acne. A poultice make from the leaves or the powdered root is excellent to place on the acne to expel toxins.

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Acne and burdock herbal mix

Mix equal parts of herbal extracts taken from herbs such as  sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock and cleavers.  They are powerful blood and lymph cleansing herbs. Half teaspoonful three times per day will aid in preventing acne as well as gaining healthily looking skin.

Preparation and acne medicinal dosage

Put to boil two teaspoonful of the dried burdock root to make a cup of tea. After awhile, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for about thirty minutes. Then strain and sweeten if sweetening is desired.

It can be purchased dried, in tincture form, in powder as well as capsules. Take one capsule twice daily or use half of a teaspoonful of the powder twice daily in a glass of water. Yes, acne and burdock root medicinal herb work hand in hand to achieve a clear and pimple free skin.

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