Medicinal adaptogenic herbs can decrease or raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels

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Adaptogenic herbs can be termed as using medicinal plants to help the body to deal with stress and fatigue, both physically and mentally.  These herbal adaptogens are therefore important when it comes to promoting very healthy adrenal glands which are responsible for producing hormones for healthy body.  This includes the treating and response from the body to deal with stress and anxiety and to return the body to its full functioning level.

A natural and herbal approach to these situations are safe, sound and economical to anyone who wish to go this route of using natural adaptogens to achieve better health.  These medicinal herbs may also be referred to as therapeutic herbs.

The good Book, the Bible tells us in Matthew 6 and verse 34 that we should not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself.  Everyday has enough trouble of its own.  However, as humans, we do worry and stress ourselves out immensely.  The factors can be mental, physical, social as well as spiritual.  While it is important that we learn to control stress and fatigue and to identify the underlying cause, adaptogenic medicinal herbs are great alternative medicine and these are accepted readily even more than synthetic medicines.

Throughout the ages there have been researches, testimonies and beliefs that these medicinal herbs are very effective when it comes to a stressful and anxious life.

List of some adaptogenic herbs

Fo-ti Tieng, which is a Chinese herb is an adaptogen that can aid in maintaining vigor, stamina, energy and strength in any person.

Eleuthero will promote vitality and vim to a person who has lost the will to fight against negative elements that surround his or her life.  It is a very good adaptogen for anyone who is suffering from a stressful life.

Ashwaganda is another adaptogenic medicinal herb that is very popular. It will enhance and boost stamina.  It can also rejuvenate and sedate the system of the body.  Some persons refer to it as Indian ginseng.

Ginseng is also an adaptogen and it is seen as the primary medicinal herb that can greatly aid in normalizing the levels and functions of the body.  Ginseng can revitalized and re-energized the spirit, mind and body.

Other adaptogens are astragalus root, basil, hyssop, maca root, peppermint, valerian root, suma root, rhodiola, gotu kola, reishi and schizandra.

These are my personal choice of adaptogenic herbs.

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