Alum root medicinal herb is good to treat leucorrhoea

Due to alum root's effectiveness for bleeding it can be used as a wash or gargle for sore mouth, sore throat and bleeding gums.Alum Plant

Alum root (Heuchera Americana) medicinal herb is native to North America and it is from the Saxifragaceae family.  It is an herbaceous perennial plant and some people refer to it as the hairy plant.

This was another herb that was very popular in my home.  My grandmother made sure that it was there all the time.  

However, I am more familiar with the alum powder which was a remedy for all types of sores.  That was the reason it was around all of the time because as children, running about so very often, we would end up with bruises and cuts.  My grandmother was a very wise woman.

The common names are Alumroot, American tormentil, Crowfoot, Cranesbill, Cranesbill root, Cora bells, Spotted geranium, Heuchera Americana, Alum, Storksbill as well as Wild cranesbill. 

The main part used as herbal medicine is the root or rhizome and the medicinal properties are astringent, styptic, tonic as well as antiseptic.  The constituents are starch, sugar, pectin, gum, colouring matter, tannic and gallic acid.

Health benefits of alum root

Its medicinal uses include treatment for cholera, ulcerate colitis, dysentery, gastrointestinal conditions, bright's disease, diarrhea, diabetes, hemorrhage, nosebleed, excessive menstruation, bloody wounds and sores. 

Due to its effectiveness for bleeding it can be used as a wash or gargle for sore mouth, sore throat and bleeding gums.   Alum powder may be put on area where there is an extracted tooth.  Alum powder can also be used on bleeding sores to halt the bleeding and this procedure is very effective

I know from experience that alumroot is good for sores and some people used it solely for that purpose, to heal ulcers and sores.   The extract from this medicinal herb may be used to lessen wrinkles and toning up the skin.

Alumroot medicinal herb can be used as a douche for womb conditions and a strong solution of the tea may be rubbed on the nipples to dry up milk.  An enema may be done to treat  internal piles or hemorrhoids.  This can be done by injecting  three tablespoonful of the tea several times per day and this procedure should be done after the passing of stools.

The Tlingit people utilized it as herbal remedy for the treatment of inflammation of the testicles caused by syphilis disease.  Alumroot is also a very good pain reliever.


You can make a tea at home by pouring a cup of boiling water over half teaspoonful of the powdered root and consume two cups daily. A bit of sugar or honey may be used to sweeten alum root tea, if that is your desire.

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