Angelica Herb is a Medicinal Herbal Tonic for Anemia

Angelica herb is a good remedy for cold and flu.Angelica

Angelica herb (Angelica atropurpurea) is an extremely important medicinal plant initially found growing in Syria, China, Korea, Japan as well as North East parts of India. The main parts used for herbal medicine are the roots, stems, leaves as well as the seeds. It loves cold and moist conditions, so it is mainly found in the mountains of these countries. This is a good alternative medicine that can be very beneficial to its users.

The medicinal properties are appetizer, carminative, expectorant, rejuvenative, diaphoretic, pectoral, diaphoretic, stimulant, stomachic, and as a tonic.  It belongs to the Umbelliferae family and it is a very potent and sedating herb. 

Some of the common names are Angelica atropurpurea, Dong quai, Dead nettle, Master wort, Archangel, Archangelica, Archangelica officinalis as well as Tang kwei. This excellent plant is considered to be a miracle herb throughout China and several parts of the Asian countries. It is regarded as the perfect solution for females complaints. It is noted that the Chinese variety is the strongest among the rest.

The primary constituents of angelica are a small amount of volatile oil, sugar, valeric acid also called pentanoic acid , bitter principle, a resin referred to as angelicin.  The oil extracted from the roots possesses terpenes and the essential oil from the seeds possesses hydroxymyristic acid as well as methyl ethyl acetic acid.

Health benefits of angelica herb

Angelica is a good support of nourishment for the body as well as toning up the feminine glands in addition to controlling the menstruation cycle. The medicinal uses of this medicinal herb reduces the signs and symptoms associated with menopause which include hot flashes, heat sweats plus convulsions.

It is notably beneficial to mothers immediately after having a baby to help in discharging the placenta.  However, it must not be used while pregnant.  Also, it must not be taken if you suffer severe diabetes. The fresh juice of angelica dropped into a person's eyes and ears will likely strengthen sight and also hearing.

Angelica is a good herbal remedy for colds, flu as well as fevers, epilepsy, stomach pain, sour stomach, heartburn, headaches, aches and pains, insanity and other mental conditions, gas, and cramps. In folklore this herb was used to ward off evil spirits and witchcraft.   It will also boost and strengthen the blood.

Chinese herbalists advise that to get the best out of angelica medicinal herb is to prevent consuming any kind of fruits as well as avoid taking other herbs for at least three hours after consuming it.

It is also a culinary herb which gives flavor to any meal and this plant is also edible. The stems and leaves may be consumed as a salad.  The supple leaves can also be boiled and consumed as an alternative to spinach.  Some time ago the stems  were scalded like celery and used  as a vegetable.

The essential oil extracted from the seeds of angelica herb is used for flavoring and may be found in liqueurs as well as confectionery.

Every individual at some time or the other suffers hair loss.  For many the loss of hair is a nightmare.  However, it was scientifically proven that some herbs are excellent hair loss treatment.  Angelica herb is one such herb that is good for losing one's hair.  The main part used for this treatment is the root.


The medicinal dosage of angelica is one teaspoonful to a cup of boiling water and take 2 cups of angelica herb tea per day.

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