Anguilla's Medicinal Herbs By Leroy Brownie

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I am always fascinated by the fact that there are those who have a passion for medicinal herbs just like myself, and that the interest in such herbs will stop at no boundary for those who want to see herbs as a priority in the medicinal arena.

One of my reasons for amplifying this is that a booklet entitled "Medicinal Herbs of Anguilla" was launched on the 9th February, 2013 by Leroy Browne (ljomo).

According to The Anguillian Newspaper Online, this booklet list a number of the medicinal herbs as well as their possible medicinal properties.

Some of the plants that Mr. Brownie listed were dandelion, corn, lovebush, French thyme, yellow thistle among others.

I commend Mr. Brownie and wish him all the best in his endeavors and I sincerely hope that the public will continue to support him.

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