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Aromatherapy is being practiced all over the globe to acquire natural healing which a vast amount of people are searching for at this time. It is good for all us and will continue to be in existence for a very long time. 

If you have never tried it before, you need to do so now. It will make you feel so good.  It is a system of taking care of the body with certain essential oils such as lemon, peppermint, rose and lavender.

Although aromatic medicinal herbs have been utilized for thousands of years, it was not until the late 1920s that this practice was originated and I love it.

Dr. John Steele, an aromatic consultant in Los Angeles said that ancient Egypt would infused fragrant oils for massage, bathing, medicine, burned incense in religious ceremonies and they would also used aromatic cedar oil to embalm their dead.

A certain individual was inactive for a long time due to arthritis. She had attended numerous physicians with no lasting resolution to the problem. As an alternative medicinal option, she agreed to try this herbal method.

A frequent rub down with the essential oils of lemon balm, rose, black spruce, tarragon and jasmine was suggested. She opted to this method and is now enjoying healing improvement and a positive attitude in regards to her condition. 

It is said that a daily massage using scented essential oil can aid in removing toxins as well as stress.  This is very interesting indeed.

Several folks like this person experience relief from this type of treatment. This system uses aromas and fragrances to cure or heal the individual.

Aromas and fragrances are gained from various plants and medicinal herbs. Research that has been tackled on plants and herbs from the past until currently has been persisted in their results which are therapeutic benefits.

This practice is more than a science. It constitutes a fine art and necessitates an original approach in creating unique blends to satisfy the users in a gratifying manner.

Getting to know the essential oils of aromatherapy

Essential oils hold a significant part in this type of treatment. An essential oil is the essence of plants and medicinal herbs gained by a formula whereby these plants are distilled through steam or water.

What we acquire through this process is a concentrated volatile oil, from which a couple of drops are able to yield the desired effect to all parts of the body.

One of the initial renowned breakthroughs of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils was created by French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. He is also credited with coining the term aromatherapy.

When he acquired a burn on his hand, he unexpectedly place his hand in a jar brimming with lavender oil. He was amazed to discover that he got immediate relief and the burn left no scars on his hand.

Through additional research, he instituted the healing powers of lavender oil as well as peppermint oil.  Yes, these oils have therapeutic remedy that are hard to find elsewhere.

A combination of orange blossom as well as olive oil is a favourite scented oil.  It is utilized for massage because olive oil is commonly known for its medicinal properties, especially its healing property, whether taken internally and used externally to oil the skin. 

On the other hand, the oil from orange blossom with its scented odor can be used to relieve stress and this has been practiced for a number of years now. 

A blend of 4 drops each of jasmine, neroli, lavender, rose as well as bergamot with some water may be placed in the aromatherapy oil burner.  This can be done like an hour before going to bed.  It would be wise however to get rid of the flame before completely retiring for the night.

This will bring about a feeling of healing and nurturing to the body.  It will aid in alleviating anxiety and stress and will also result in a good night's sleep.

Essential oils were also introduced to Europe by crusaders who were returning from the East. These oils burnt bright in public buildings as well as homes because they were highly valued for their antiseptic properties. Therefore, because of this antiseptic properties they were used with the anticipation to stop the spreading of the bubonic plaque.

Suffering from one of these ailments? It might just be the answer

Some of the common ailments where this treatment has been recognized as a potent solution are anxiety, stress or insomnia, muscular aches and pains, headaches, eczema, digestive problems, menstrual or menopausal problems amongst other ailments.

So, this treatment heals physically, psychologically as well as spiritually. It affects the whole man. This herbal method can heal mind, body and spirit

Essential oils continue to work on the body on various levels. The most obvious one is the stimulation of the sense of smell because there is great impact on the way how we feel when we have encountered certain odors and fragrances.

Another common method of aromatherapy is the utilization of scented candles.  lavender, cinnamon as well as vanilla candles are popularly used and it is recommended that jarred candles are safer to use.

Health benefits of aromatherapy

A common respiratory illness is bronchial asthma. This is caused through contact with allergen, after a exhausting physical exercise session or through infection.

An asthmatic individual experiences shortness of breath, coughing and mucous product as a result of inflammation or contraction of the bronchial tube. The condition can be treated through this treatment.

Aromatherapy can increased circulation, tone up the muscles as well as the entire physiology, calm the nerves, enhance mental clarity, lubricate the joints, soften the skin, expel toxins from the body, boost vim and vitality and cure insomnia.

The oils of clove bud and lemongrass have been acknowledged to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties. These oils along with the oils of lemon, sage, and angelica is also very useful for treating asthma.

The products associated with this method are accessible in numerous stores, referred to as aromatherapy stores. These stock preparations made from herbs and plants sourced from various regions of the universe, generally, the Indian subcontinent, Middle East as well as Africa.

Prescriptive approach is best

Nevertheless, aromatherapy must be stringently prescriptive. Toilet articles, which use aromas and scents, use a very limited quantity of essential oils. Consequently, they are not harmful. 

As pronounced before, essential oils are extremely concentrated. If a larger dosage of it is used up, then it can result in irritation or may be toxic, when utilized with food or beverage.

Essential oils are not free from side effects. However, the basic side effects are nausea and headaches when they are abundantly used, even in aromatherapy.

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Updated March 24, 2020

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