Aromatic herbs are consumed as medicinal tonics for the nervous system

Thyme is a part of the aromatic herbs.Thyme

Most aromatic herbs are sweetening and strengthening to the body. They have high odor and have a soothing calming effect on the whole body system.  The high aroma from these plants can aid in an healthy mind and spirit. Therefore, I also call them the soothing and calming medicinal herbs. They can be taken daily and they are safe to do so.

My list of aromatic herbs

These medicinal plants are especially good for those suffering from anxiety and stress related conditions because of the sedative effect on the whole body system. They are good to give flavor to any food.  I love these herbs. They are my favorites.

Some of these aromatic medicinal herbs are listed below:

Rosemary: Rosemary has been effective in relaxing muscles, and to soothe stomach upset as well as menstrual cramps. When Rosemary is made into a tea it is ingested for calming nerves and anxiety. It can also be used as an antiseptic.

Chives: Chives can be either used as fresh or dried herbs. They can be chopped and frozen in ice trays as well as they can be used in vinegar for adding a light onion taste to any dish. Chives are perennials which belong to the family of onions and garlic, hence the onion flavor that you can get from them.

Sage: Sage is popularly used to give flavor all kind of dishes including meat and poultry products. This herb can be used fresh or dried in regards to breads and stuffing. It is one of the traditional herb that has been used thousand of years ago.

Oregano: Oregano has a hot taste similar to pepper as well as a pungent flavor with slight sweetness. It is popularly used in craft and this can be done fresh or dried. It is popularly used in Mediterranean as well as Mexican cuisines.

Thyme: Though thyme is popularly used for culinary purposes, it is also excellent as a medicinal herb as well as in the field of cosmetics. It is a good remedy for those suffering with asthma. I have always use thyme because of the excellent flavor that is given to every meal.

Lavender:  Lavender is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family and it is an important plant for an herb garden. The aroma of this medicinal plant is exquisite and it is popularly used in aromatherapy.  It is the queen of all herbs.

You can do a facial steam with aromatic herbs

Put water to boil in a medium pot. Remove the pot from the stove to a secure place.  Add your choices of herbs.  Make sure to cover the head with a very large towel and by so doing allow it to become like a tent over the pot, then steam the face 5 to 10 minutes.  This method also can bring some type of relaxation.

Additional medicinal herbs and they are just as great

Other similar aromatic herbs are eucalyptus, garlic, tarragon, chamomile, basil, catnip amongst others.

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Updated January 16, 2019

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