Ashwagandha medicinal herb can treat diseases of the joints

Ashwagandha can treat Alzheimer's diseaseWithania Somnifera

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) medicinal herb is a plant that is commonly known as Winter cherry.  Its medicinal history dates back to over four thousand years.  It is one of the primary herbs in ayurvedic practice and it is from the Solanaceae or Nightshade family.   It is native to India, Sri Lanka as well as Pakistan and the meaning of the name is the smell and strength of an horse.

The many health properties using this herb is definitely attributed to substances generally called withanolides that are present in this plant.  Other constituents are alkaloids as well as glycosides.

The common names are Withania somnifera, Asana, Ayurvedic ginseng, Ashwanga, Ashwaganda, Aswagandha, wintercherry, Indian ginseng, Asgangh, Clustered wintercherry, Ajagandha, Poison gooseberry and Winter cherry.

The main parts used as herbal medicine are the berries, root and leaves.   The medicinal properties are adaptogen, tonic, abortifacient, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anodyne, febrifuge, stimulant, sedative, restorative, anti-viral as well as aphrodisiac.

Health benefits of ashwagandha

It can be utilized as an adaptogen herb because it boosts stamina and is seen as a rejuvenating tonic and a sedative.  Therefore several herbalists refer this specific herb as Indian ginseng due to its ginseng similar effects.

This medicinal herb is used as herbal remedy for Alzheimer's disease.  It regulates vata and kapha, it enhances memory and fights against Alzheimer's disease, counteracts the effects of anxieties and calms the mind.  All these are excellent treatment for persons suffering with Alzheimer.   It has a capability of alleviating stress and acts as sedative.  People who suffer with stress and insomnia are been helped by this medicinal plant as well as those suffering from memory loss.

Ashwaganda acts as balya and strengthens the body. Usually, it supports the immune system as well as strengthens it.  It also raises body energy level.

Convalescent patients gain more energy and can come back to normal routine faster when this herb's preparations are used following an illness. The usual weaknesses that follow a sickness are alleviated with the use of this herb.

The immediate relapse of disease is definitely stopped upon use of this medicinal herb. This helps HIV patients by means of building their immune system as this is crucial for these sufferers.

Ashwagandha has positive effects on digestive system.  It boosts appetite and it normalizes digestion and bowel movements. It is useful in anti-aging, asthma, bronchitis, physical fitness and daily fitness maintenance.

It has great effects on the reproductive system.  This magic herb increases shukra dhatu, sperm count and sperm motility.   It raises libido and known as one of the greatest aphrodisiac in the kingdom of plants.

It is also used as uterine tonic and to improve feminine libido.  It reduces high blood pressure and also acts as diuretic.

It is very effective in conditions like recurring abortion, and or threatened abortion. It stabilizes pregnancy and balances hormones which stabilize pregnancy.

An application of the leaves when applied on an inflammation acts as anti- inflammatory.

The herbal massage oil which contains this medicinal plant is beneficial in many conditions such as paralysis, epilepsy, and sleeplessness.

The preparation of it is processed with ghee, sugar and honey.  It is good to increase semen quantity, sperm count and motility.  It is effectively used in erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation.

Ashwaganda medicinal powder when properly blended along with oil is an extremely useful herb for many skin conditions. 


One dosage is using one teaspoonful of the powdered root to one cup of boiling water and honey if so desired, then consume ashwagandha tea.

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