Avocado leaves have been utilized as medicinal herbs

Avocado Leaves

Avocado (Persea Americana) is indigenous to Central Mexico. In Jamaica we refer to it as "pear" or "alligator pear" and we eat it with just about every meal. Nevertheless, it is very delectable when consumed with dumplings, rice, bread, in addition to Jamaican bulla cakes. The trees are in every yard and likewise in the open fields.  Also referred to as Aucate and Abukabo, the skin of the fruit is either green or dark brown.

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It was important to the Indians of Central America

The word comes from the Aztec word ahuacatl. It represented a very significant diet to the Indians who dwelt in Central America. It then spread to Latin America and the West Indies.

They were brought to Florida in 1833 by Henry Perrine and in 1871, they were brought to California.

Health benefits of avocado

The benefits of avocado are good. It is rich in protein, Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, chlorophyll, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and Iron. The fatty acid in it is extremely digestible. The avocado salad makes up a highly nutritious dish.

Tests conducted on the fruit at the University of Miami School of Medicine and Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Cables, Florida, show that this pear reduces the cholesterol level of the blood. It is very beneficial for those suffering from eczema.

It can also aid in preventing cervical cancer.  Avocado is shaped just like the cervix and uterus and so it is believed that it can treat cancer and other conditions associated with the reproductive system.

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Health benefits of avocado leaves

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Did you know that the leaves are just as beneficial as the fruit? Yes they are just as good. You may ask any of the elders in my Island home and they will not hesitate to tell you of the goodness and healing benefits of the pear leaves. 

A tea made from the leaves of avocado as well as the bark may be used for the same benefits as well as herbal remedy.

The tea is very beneficial for diarrhea, high blood pressure and it is an excellent blood purifier. The dried powdered seeds of avocado can be applied to hemorrhoids which can result in natural healing.

A poultice of the warm leaves of avocado is used externally for pains, sprains as well as headaches.

In regards to arthritis and rheumatism, add the leaves to a small amount of rubbing alcohol and water and used it to rub the painful areas to alleviate pains.

The tea can also be used for colds, coughs, asthma and high blood pressure remedy.


To make the tea I personally boil three leaves in one and a half cup of water for five minutes.  Then I allow the tea to steep for about three minutes after which I sweetened with a little sugar and consumed a cup three times per day.

Larger amount of the avocado leaves tea may be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

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Updated February 10, 2020

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