Bed wetting herbs can be more effective than synthetic drugs

Bed wetting herbs

Bed wetting, which is also referred to as enuresis and bedwetting, can be a huge embarrassment to young children, teenagers as well as adults.  To wake up every morning with your bed saturating with urine as a grown person can be very troubling to the mind.  I have witnessed grown men and women who had problems of bed wetting, withdrew themselves from the presence of their friends and families and acted as loners until they were cured of this terrible condition.

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Also, bed wetting can be very traumatic to parents who are pressured with the cleaning up of linens every morning as well as finding a solution to stop this horrible episode that threatens the emotional stability of their children. 

Children who continue to wet their beds after the age of five years old should be investigated because at that age, they should be able to control their bladder and should know when it is time to go to the bathroom.

The causes of bed wetting or enuresis can be numerous.  However, there are few causes that I can identify.  Take for instance, the case of a cousin of mine.  He continued wetting his bed up to his late teens. 

This was so very embarrassing to him.  However, we discovered that he was being bullied at school and so we concluded that it was an emotional problem spiraling him down hill.  We had to take quick action and we were able to help him before it got worse. 

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Today, I doubt if he can recall those days of bed wetting. Therefore, for those who suffer enuresis, check them for any emotional trauma that they may be enduring.

There are also other causes such as malnutrition, allergies, drinking too much fluid late at nights, sickle cell anemia, kidney and bladder ailments as well as intestinal worms.  It is always wise to check your doctor if you suffer with bed wetting.

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Herbal remedy for bed wetting - bed wetting herbs

Although there are various treatments for this condition, including bed wetting alarms, bed-wetting herbs can be very helpful to put a stop to this condition.   Our fore parents used these herbal methods to treat almost every condition that you can think about and they were very effective.

The medicinal herbs to use for bed wetting are corn silk, St. John's wort, plantain, buchu and fennel seed.  These bed wetting herbs will aid in combating this embarrassing condition.

Other preventative measures to get rid of bed wetting

To help stop bed-wetting, desist from drinking fluids before retiring to bed.  Avoid drinking sodas, coffee and tea.  Also refrain from eating white bread, spicy foods,  as well as products made from sugar cane.  Engaging in daily exercise can also be very beneficial.

Be reminded again to visit your doctor to find out the cause of your bed wetting condition before using bed wetting herbs and other medications.

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