Benefits Of Drinking More Water

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Since childhood days, we were taught the importance and benefits of drinking more water. However, as most children do, we hated drinking water and more relied on sugary drinks that had no benefit at all. As we got older, we realized the importance of drinking water. The aim is not to drink less water but to drink more.

It is reported that our bodies are made up of 70% water. Every cell, organ and joint in our bodies needs water to function at its optimum level.

Many of the diseases persons suffer with, such as kidney stones, gall stones, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, constipation as well as the much feared, cancer is sometimes a direct result of not drinking enough water. The water is needed to sustain and flush the body of toxins as well as to to keep it hydrated and healthy during the day.

Water is a good remedy to aid digestion and to flush your system of extra uric acid which can cause pain and may even help those who suffer with gout.

Less fluids in the body can lead to concentrated urine which in turn can cause irritation to the urethra as well as to the bladder. According to experts, three quarts of fluid per day is very beneficial and will prevent concentration of urine which carries a foul odor.

H2O is so vital that even in the case of accidents or injury, the first thing that comes to mind is to consume some water.

Hydrotherapy has been a part of tradition from ancient Greece and Egypt to Rome. Using water is safe and it is a natural curative medicine. In those days, it was used as medicine through various baths.

We all practice hydrotherapy even without knowing it. When we put an ice pack on injuries such as an injury
from a hit in the head, forehead or a sprained ankle, then we are practicing hydrotherapy. Also, when we put a burnt finger under running water to soothe it, we are practicing a basic form of hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is termed the treatment of injury or sickness by immersion of the body in water to ease movements, promote the healing of wounds, alleviating pain and treating many more ailments.

All of the above is even more proof of how important it is to drink more water. Yes, we can drink our way to healthier life. I have proven it on many occasions. Although coffee, beer, sodas, alcoholic drinks and sugary drinks contain water, these fluids can allow more water to escape the body than it takes in resulting in constipation, bladder infections as well as dry skin and other non-beneficial conditions.

It is deemed by experts that six to eight glasses of water should be consumed by people less than fifty years of age and for those fifty years and more should drink at least eight to ten glasses per day. For those who are sixty and over should try to have at least ten to twelve glasses per day. These glasses should be eight ounce glasses.

The therapeutic or medicinal properties of water are laxative, tonic, anodyne, stimulant, eliminative, sedative, diuretic, anesthetic, emetic, antipyretic, alterative, anticonvulsant, diaphoretic, expectorant and derivative.

There are various types of water and it is no secret that tap water is not the best. It contains fluoride, chlorine, toxic organic compounds, arsenic and other dangers which are very dangerous to our health. So do a research and find the best purified water that will suit you and drink more water to reap its health benefits.

Let us begin today and chart out a pathway to healthy living by drinking more water.

Updated January 17, 2018

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