Bitter herbs can cleanse the blood of impurities

Cerasee is a bitter herbCerasee

Bitter herbs are generally described as maror or marror in the Bible and they have been eaten at the Passover Seder based on the Torah commandment.

Exodus 12:8 stated that with these medicinal herbs they shall eat it, and you will find that the most popular choices for maror or marror is in fact fresh grated horseradish, and romaine lettuce.  

These herbs are very bitter and some persons find it very hard to consume them. Our grandparents and parents were so convinced that bitters were good for you that we could not escape consuming them as medicine.

This consumption was mainly done before going back to school after the long holidays.  We had to be purged of the bad food we consumed during the school break. 

We had a very hard time swallowing it, but it was worth it.  Today, palatable or not, we love them because of the great health benefits we can achieve for a better health.

List of bitter herbs

The following list of medicinal herbs are deemed as bitters.  In Jamaica, the favourite bitters are cerasee and dandelion. 

They are consumed regularly both by men as well as women and they are considered as excellent herbal remedies for many ailments, especially for the circulatory system.

Aloe Vera is seen as one of these herbs and the Bible stated that Jesus' body was anointed with bitter aloes before he was placed in the tomb.  It is a very powerful herb to treat as well as to prevent cancer.

Horehound: This is an herbaceous perennial plant yielding a bitter aromatic juice which is primarily used as medicinal benefit for coughs.  It is also an effective alternative medicine colds and flu as well as any respiratory conditions.

There are other herbs of this kind which are very beneficial to one's health. They are classified as bitters mainly because they possess a bitter tang, between lightly bitter to intensely bitter.

Other bitters are: Cerasee: A very good medicinal herb to cleanse the face, treat and cure acne, while some individuals use it to treat diabetes. It is very bitter, but it is popular with most folks in Jamaica and is seen as one of the best healing herbs in the country.

Chamomile: This is a very soothing and calming herb.  It is can treat depression as well as anxiety, venereal diseases and also nervousness.

Goldenseal: A very good medicinal herb to boost the immune system.

Rice bitters: This might be seen as an old fashioned herb, but it has numerous medicinal health benefits.

Frankincense: This is an essential oil in aromatherapy. It can soothe and calm the mind.

Wormwood: This is a herbal remedy for heartburn, nausea, as well as digestive condition

Horseradish: It is good to treat sinus and cold as well as to treat conditions of the urinary tract.

Myrrh: Myrrh essential oil has excellent therapeutic benefits and as a herbal medicine it can stimulate the thyroid gland.

Dandelion: This is one of my favorite bitter herbs. It is a very good medicinal tonic to tone up the whole body system. The parched seeds may be used as substitute for coffee and it is useful for bladder conditions.

Rue: Rue is effective in reducing blood sugar level and it can also be used as a sedative herb.

Bayberry: Bayberry is excellent for nasal congestion and sinusitis and it yields an essential fragrant oil.

Yarrow: This will aid in weight loss and it is a good herbal remedy that can regulate menstruation.

Hops: A very good herb to treat anxiety, stress as well as insomnia.

Neem: This bitter herb can treat many medical conditions including the treatment of pimples and acne, giving the face a clean, clear look. This plant is so bitter that it is difficult to consume, but the medicinal health benefits are numerous.

Health benefits of bitter herbs

These herbs will help to improve the digestive tract, improve liver conditions, give a healthy appetite and will boost the immune system.

It is believed that several tribes make use of bitter herbs in cultural traditions as well as festivity on occasions during the year in order to prevent illnesses and diseases.

Never combine bitter medicinal
herbs with other bitters

They really should be taken in mouthful doses. That is to say, in case you are taking a cupful of bitters, under no circumstances drink it down all at once. Take it in mouthfuls over a duration of forty five minutes to at least one hour.

These bitter herbs should never be combined, for example; aloe should not be combined with cerasee. 

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