The inner bark of black birch medicinal herb can be used to make plaster of Paris

Black birch (Betula Lenta) medicinal herb is a perennial tree which is native to eastern North America.  Although it is a common name for many trees, the remedies are centered around Betula Lenta. 

The main parts used as herbal medicine are the inner bark, leaves, sap and twigs. The leaves of this plant are considered to be better for women, while the bark is more suitable for men.

The medicinal properties are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anthelmintic, diuretic, stimulant, astringent and stomachic.  The common names are Betula Lenta, Mahogany Birch, Sweet Birch, Cherry Birch, and Spice Birch.  It is from the Betulaceae family.

Birch means, "to write upon" and it comes from the word Sanskrit.  I think this comes from the fact that it was once used to make scrolls and paper precisely for writing.  The tree was once used to make oil of wintergreen and was sold to various buyers.

This is one of those species where Indians build their tepees in the surrounding areas of birch trees due to the fact that lightening never strike a birch tree.  How very wise of them to do so since lightening is very dangerous and can be fatal.

Health benefits of black birch

It is used as a treatment for ailment such as infections, rheumatism, stomach conditions, fever, severe diarrhea, neuralgia, skin conditions such as boils,  gonorrhea, lung ailments and gout.  Brew tea to purify the blood, eliminate kidney stones, and expel worms. 

A tea made from the inner bark and twigs can be used to remedy canker sores of the mouth, urinary tract ailments such as urinary tract infection (UTI), which is a big problem to lots of women.

Some persons in some regions eat the sap taken from the tree and this can be done in raw nature.  This may be viewed as food and a maple syrup can also made from the sap.  Whatever is your choice, it is just as good and very beneficial.

Other uses of the inner bark

There are so many uses that can be derived from the inner bark.  Since it can be eaten straight from the bark, it can be cut into segments and eaten like spaghetti. Furthermore, it can be dried in the sun and then beaten into flour to make cakes.  Some persons also utilized the inner bar to make props for sprained or fractured limbs.

It would be really good to have a tree or two of black birch in your neighborhood.

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