Black Jointer Jamaican Herb

Black Jointer Medicinal Herb

Black Jointer Medicinal Herb

I love family get-together in Jamaica, although at times the coming together is a result of loved ones passing away or wedding ceremonies. In this case it was the death of a loved one and of course the Jamaican black jointer herb was introduced in one of our discussions. It is so named because of the many joints it possesses.

However, despite the sad occasion at times, there is always the stories of yesteryear, which always include the use of Jamaican medicinal herbs. My elders always have some thrilling stories of various herbs used for their illnesses throughout their lifetime.

We had relatives visiting from different countries, including Canada and the USA. Therefore, the discussions were vibrant, reminiscent, relaxing and very enjoyable.

We could never forget the stories of our grandparents' wash outs, also referred to as herbal detox. A few days before returning to school after the summer holidays, these herbal wash outs could not be avoided. They knew the various herbs that were effective as good laxatives.

During our usual discussions, one of our cousins who overheard the anguish cries of one of my uncles who suffered with a bad knee, appeared with a Jamaican plant he referred to as black jointer. Some of us were familiar with this Jamaican bush, some were not.

He then proceeded to tell us how to prepare black jointer liniment to treat the bad knee. As a matter of fact it is good for any joint pain. A good amount was given to my uncle for his return to his foreign country.

Black jointer bush tea is a good remedy to treat upset stomach and any other stomach complaints. A few leaves placed in boiling water will be enough for one or two cups of tea.

The following is the preparation of black jointer liniment:

Finely chopped approximately two cups of Jamaican black jointer, inclusive of leaves, stems and root. Add one liter of Jamaican rum. Let it steep for two weeks. During this period, shake daily for optimum quality. After two weeks, strain, bottle and used externally to ease joint pains.

Black jointer Jamaican herb is now on my list of top fifty best medicinal herbs or Jamaican bush.

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