Blood circulation herbs can be used to treat symptoms of poor blood circulation

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Blood circulation herbs can improve the flow of blood or poor blood circulation.   Poor blood circulation is affecting thousands of people worldwide, especially those who suffer with certain ailments, such as diabetes.  Therefore,  for us to remain healthy, it is paramount that we have very good circulation of blood.  A good blood circulation is necessary in transferring oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body.  A deficiency of excellent circulation of blood can result in various diseases due to harmful foreign bodies trapped in the tissue.

Causes of poor blood circulation

The following ailments are contributory factors to the problem of poor circulation of blood and can shorten lives significantly.  It can also be very fatal.

1.  Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure is a very common disease found among many persons, especially with the middle-aged and also the elderly people. This is a result of cholesterol plaques which are deposited along the walls of the arteries, causing it to harden.

2.  Varicose veins are also very much contributory to poor blood circulation.  I know folks in my community who are suffering with this problem and therefore visit the doctors very often for relief.  Varicose veins happen when the elasticity of the walls of the veins breaks down. In other words, they lose their elasticity.  This problem can get more severe due to lack of exercise, junk food and aging.

3.  Diabetes can also cause poor blood circulation in the feet.  This condition can result in swelling, tingling, numbness and damage of the nerves, mostly in the feet.

Other conditions that can cause poor blood circulation are obesity, heart problems, blood clots and Raynaud's disease.

List of blood circulation herbs

Medicinal herb such as calendula also referred to as Calendula Officinalis is a primary source to improve poor blood circulation.  Also, ginger, cayenne, green tea, ginkgo, garlic as well as onion.  These are some of the most powerful herbs to fight against poor blood circulation.

Making a tincture from these medicinal herbs can be very beneficial.  The tincture will be easily absorbed by the body which will aid in decreasing high cholesterol, preventing heart disease, purifying the blood as well as fights against atherosclerosis.

Medicinal herb, Tamari Bancha tea can also improve blood circulation as well as relieve fatigue.  Also, infusing rosemary leaves with red wine is a very good remedy for poor blood circulation also.

Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca) a very popular aphrodisiac medicinal herb is excellent for depression, menstruation conditions, sexual problems as well as hormone production.  It can enhance and improve blood circulation which aids in managing the hormone production.

Other natural remedies

Other natural remedies to aid poor blood circulation are hydrotherapy and exercising such as walking.  With these natural remedies along with the use of blood circulation herbs, you are on your way in alleviating poor blood circulation.

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