Borage medicinal herb can cleanse the blood of impurities and also strengthen the heart

borage medicinal herb

Borage (Borago officinalis) medicinal herb is excellent for a number of ailments. The common names are Bee bread, Bee plant, Borrage, Borrage leaf, Bourage, Bugloss, Burage, Burrage, Burridge, Cool-tankard, Common bugloss, Langdebeef, Ox-tongue, Star flower, Starflower, Starflower oil, Tailwort, and Talewort.  T

The main parts used as herbal medicine are the leaves, the flowers and the oil extracted from the seeds.  Bees are very much attracted to it.

This medicinal plant is also known as a Starflower because of its blue or purplish star-shaped flowers. It is an annual herb that is native to Syria. It can be found in the Mediterranean region, Asia Minor, Europe, North Africa, and South America.

The medicinal properties are demulcent, aperient, diuretic, emollient, tonic as well as febrifuge and it is from the Boraginaceae family.

It is also a culinary herb

Seen as a culinary herb, the leaves are used to flavor sauces and punches and the young leaves have a cucumber like flavor which are used as salad. They can also be cooked and eaten like spinach.

Health benefits of borage

This medicinal herb is also excellent for depression, cough, itch, ringworms, scabs, sores, eczema as well as ulcers. Results of researches done have shown that the oil from the seed is helpful in reducing joint inflammation and other symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. 

borage leaves

It is also used as a mild sedative. It is widely used for premenstrual syndrome.  This plant can also be used as a medicinal rinse for ulcers in the mouth as well as the throat, and also to loosen phlegm. It is effective for fevers, bronchial tract, mouth and throat infections. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids in promoting healthy skin growth.

The oil possesses essential fatty acids (EFAs).  Therefore, In some formulas for infants fatty acids from the oil of the seed can be found in them because it is seen as a possible remedy for infants who are premature.  This will aid in their growth development.  

The oil also contains gamma-linolenic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid.   Gamma-linolenic acid can keep the skin looking healthy, strong and glowing.  The oil can also aid in repairing the body all on its own and also as an home remedy, helps to amend the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.  It is an excellent herbal skin care.

The tea is an excellent remedy to bathe sore eyes and when taken internally it is effective for fevers, yellow jaundice, to expel poisons of all kinds due to snake bites and insect stings.


In a cup of boiling hot water, steep four teaspoonfuls of borage medicinal herb and consume two times per day for a week at a time. 

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