Buckthorn medicinal herb can eliminate itching

A Young Buckthorn Plant

Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula) medicinal herb is a traditional plant that is native to Europe as well as Western and Northern Asia.   It has been naturalized in eastern North America.   

It is from the Rhamnaceae family and the main part used for herbal medicine is the bark and the fruit or berries.  The medicinal properties are laxative, diuretic, vermifuge, cathartic, emetic and bitter tonic.

Although the name of this medicinal herb is very rare and funny, the herbal remedies are not.  As a matter of fact it does not contain any thorn as the name suggests.

However, the name occurred because of a woody spine that is found at the end of each twig.  This occurrence can be found in the many species of one hundred and fifty.

The common names are Rhamnus frangula, Black alder dogwood, Arrow wood, Black dogwood, European black alder and Persian berries.  The constituents are bitters, tannins, flavonoids, emodins, kaempferol, catechin and anthraquinones.

Similar to cascara sagrada, the bark is popularly utilized and known to treat constipation.  This is an herb that also has the same purpose as senna as well as other laxative herbs although it is said that it is milder than senna. 

However, fresh bark should not be used for this purpose.  It is of the belief that one to two years of the dried bark is best to use which is also referred to as the aged bark.  So keen notice should be taken in regards to this medicinal herb.

Health benefits of buckthorn herb

It is excellent to treat ailments such as gout, dropsy, rheumatism, constipation, appendicitis as well as skin conditions.  It is good to alleviate digestion and to treat certain kinds of cancer. 

There are ointments and other topical creams that are sold with it as an ingredient and it can also make a very effective poultice.  It may be found in skin cleansers and it can also be used externally as a wash.

Colon cleanse is very important and medicinal herbs can also be effective for a very effective colon cleanse. 

Therefore, the bark of Rhamnus frangula when combined with other herbs such as ginger and psyllium husk can get rid of parasite built up from the human body. 

Colon cleanse can also aid in alleviating constipation and pain in the stomach.


As with other herbs like senna and cascara sagrada, do not overuse due to the fact that it can cause running belly (diarrhea) and cramping.  Do not use buckthorn alder if pregnant or nursing.

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Update March 19, 2020


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