Calamus root is used to treat stroke

A good remedy to treat memory loss.Calamus Root

Calamus root (Acorus calamus) medicinal herb is a perennial plant from the Acoraeceae family.  It is a very popular plant that is native to Siberia, India, Central Asia as well as Southern Russia.  Due to its herbal benefits, it was introduced to North America and also Western Europe for solely medicinal purposes.  It is a bitter, and aromatic herb. 

There is a strong traditional history concerning  calamus, which is also mentioned in the Bible.   It has been used for a very long time as herbal medicine in both Indian and Chinese traditions. I

t is also used as a culinary herb, although it is banned in foods by the FDA in the United States. 

The leaves, stems along with the roots are all used as herbal medicine and it is utilized in Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines.  It can be found in various massage oils and other oils to help remove toxins from the body.

The common names of this medicinal herb are Sweet flag, Calamus, Acorus calamus, Flag root, Sweet cane, Sweet root, Myrtle flag, Pepper root, Gladdon, Rat root, among others. 

Being semi-aquatic, It grows abundantly where water situates, such as rivers, swamps, marshes, ponds and small lakes.

The constituents are essential oil with menthol, choline, flavonoids, carotenoids, rosmarinic acid, tocopherols, hesperidin, terpenoids, alpha-asarone, beta-asarone, as well as vitamin C and vitamin A.

The medicinal properties are digestive, diuretic, stimulant, carminative, laxative and relaxant.  The entire plant can and was used as herbal medicine.  

Health benefits of calamus root

It is a good remedy for asthma, headache, memory loss, anxiety, sexual stimulation, sore throat, hay fever, and nausea.  It can be used to alleviate motion sickness. 

The juice from the root of calamus can be used to treat diseases of the eyes and the aroma from this plant makes the essential oil highly appraised in the perfume industry. 

Also, if you want your skin to be revitalized, then this medicinal herb can do the job.

When the sweet flag root is used as tea, it can help you to overcome smoking.  Chewing on this medicinal herb when the urge of smoking arise can also prove very beneficial by helping you to avoid this habit.  Chewing on calamus root can also aid in prevention of various illnesses.

Calamas will sustain the right operation of the lymphatic system and aid in the elimination of toxicants from the body.  It is used to treat ulcers, anorexia and arthritis.


Make sure to consult your doctor before using calamus due to the various warnings. 

The sedative effect it gives can be over the limit and result in mental disorder and seizure when taken in high quantity. 

The essential oil consists of an element referred to as asarone which is considered to be carcinogenic.  If pregnant and or nursing completely avoid calamus root.

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Updated March 19, 2020


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