Cannabis medicinal herb is used by glaucoma patients to relieve pressure on the eyes

Cannabis medicinal herb, also called ganja and herbGanja

Cannabis medicinal herb is of the Cannabaceae family.  It has been traditionally used in the form of a tea, a tincture, and also as a seasoning for various dishes. The smoking of this medicinal plant was introduced to the Africans by the Arabs. In the West Indian islands, the art of smoking, cultivating, and curing it was introduced by the East Indies. 

It is native to Mexico, Colombia and South East Asia.  It can be found worldwide, although in some countries it is illegal to have it in your possession.

It is reported that this medicinal herb was the main medicine used in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia during the period 1850 t0 1937.  It was used for over one hundred different ailments.  Jamaicans love to refer to it as weed, ganja and herb.

The common names are Ganja, Ganja seed, Herb, Hemp, Marijuana, Cannabis sativa, Weed, Hemp seed and Indian hemp. 

The medicinal properties are sedative, stimulant, diuretic, carminative, tonic, purgative, anti-anxiety, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antispasmodic and anesthetic.

Its constituents are numerous and some of them are cannabinoids, nicotine, flavonoids, terpinolene, volatile oil, linoleic acid, choline, calcium, oleic acid, gum, carvone, Tetrahydrocannabinol, minerals and B-sitosterol glucoside

Health benefits of cannabis

As a medicine, it is used as a liniment for sprains, arthritic and rheumatic pains, asthma, bronchitis, and migraine headaches.

It is a blood cleanser and tranquilizer and it can rid the body of all infections and it retards the growth of fungus and viruses.

In Jamaica, it is used for asthma, bronchitis, and all problems dealing with mucus congestion. It can be taken as a medicinal tea in doses of a teaspoon of dried herb to a cup of warm water sweetened with honey.

Another treatment is to place the patient on a bed with the sheet tucked all the way around. A pipe is then used to create a dense layer of smoke under the sheet, which the patient should inhale. This will break up mucus congestion and open up breathing passages.

A poultice can be made for sores, external ulcers, sprains, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, boils, infections and to kill pain. Fresh leaves can be crushed, lightly heated and applied to sores, external ulcers, sprains and pains. A liniment or tincture can be used as above.

A tincture or liniment is made by adding one ounce of the green or dried herb to a half pint pure Jamaican white rum, or apple cider vinegar; vegetable glycerin can also be used for external use only. The dose is one or two teaspoons to a cup of warm water, sweetened with honey.

A liniment for external use is made by using rubbing alcohol, bay rum, or white rum in the same manner as above. A teaspoon of cayenne or bird pepper can be added to both liniment and tincture to improve effectiveness.

Ganja herb may be used as seasoning

As a seasoning, it is used in the same way as any other herbal seasoning such as thyme. The seeds contain a very nutritious oil and can be sprinkled in soups and other dishes. In Jamaica, seeds are added to corn and rice dishes.

In Greece, the seeds are burnt and the fumes inhaled to relax the nerves and bring on a feeling of intoxication. The oil of the seeds can be burnt in lamps instead of kerosene oil.

Cannabis may be used as hair rinse

It will make hair grow, and get rid of dandruff and other scalp problems. It can be used as a final rinse or tea rubbed into the scalp. A hair lotion can be made by adding an ounce of the medicinal herb to apple cider vinegar or bay rum. When using, dilute it with a little water.

Preparation of cough syrup and its benefits

A syrup can be made by simmering down an ounce of cannabis in a pint of water, down to a quarter of a pint. Strain and add a teaspoon of cayenne or bird pepper, let cool, add enough honey to form a thick syrup.

Bottled and use in spoonful doses as needed. Cannabis cough syrup is medicinal benefits for asthma, bronchitis, colds, and mucus congestion of the lungs.


Today, there is medical marijuana which is administered to people with various ailments.  However, before utilizing this medicinal herb make sure that it is legal and safe to do so. 

Also, always consult your doctor before using this herb due to negative reports that are attached to cannabis.

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