Capsicum medicinal herb can treat shingles


Capsicum medicinal herb is a plant that has been in existence for thousands of years and it is native to the Americas.  The fruit or the pepper is the main part used as herbal medicine and it is also a very good culinary herb.  Many persons referred to it as red pepper and chili pepper.  The leaves are also used for some ailments.

Some of the common names are Aji, Chillies, Guinea pepper, Goat pepper, Bird pepper, African bird pepper, African pepper, Cock-spur, Cayenne, Cayenne pepper, Cayenne fruit, African chilies and Garden pepper.

It is also called Goat's pod, Green pepper, Red pepper, Chili pepper, Capsicum frutescens, Capsicum annuum and Paprika.  I had a plant and it was bearing so much pepper, I had to share it with my friends and relatives.

The medicinal properties are stimulant, antioxidant, astringent, antibacterial, carminative, digestive, immunity booster, vulnerary and rubefacient.  It contains sugar, oleic, capsaicin and carotenoids.

Health benefits of capsicum

In Africa, children are given this medicinal herb at an early age to increase their stamina and resistance to flu and viral infections.   So it is known for its antibiotic properties, since it helps the body to build up its immune system.

It can be made into an herbal ointment to ease the pains of arthritis, rheumatism, gout, lumbago and sprains. 

Taken internally as a medicinal tea, it is used for asthma, coughs, colds, consumption and breaking up mucus congestion.

The tea is also an effective remedy for hemorrhoids.   Red pepper will normalize blood pressure and steady the nerves.

Powdered or fresh, it can be applied to open cuts and wounds to stop bleeding, kill pain and prevent infection while promoting healing. 

In Cuba, it is crushed and applied to external ulcers and sores. The leaves are used as a poultice to draw out boils.

This is a well known remedy for ulcers.  Do you suffer with duodenal or peptic ulcer? Well, this is an excellent remedy for you.  Who would ever think that that pepper is good for ulcers. 

We have always heard that pepper will make ulcers worse.  However, this one is the answer.  It can actually decrease pain in the stomach and will act as anesthetic to tissues that are sore due to ulcer as well as take control of a bleeding stomach.

Also contrary to the popular belief that spicy food aggravates ulcers, you may also combine this herb with comfrey root which will heal all types of ulcers.  This is one of the reasons I so love it.

It is useful in dental hygiene because the ashes of the burnt chili pepper can be used to whiten teeth and remove plaque. 

It is reported that some African women use the diluted medicinal herb as a douche to kill and prevent vaginal infections.

It is also a very effective heart tonic especially for older folks. In the case of heart attack, a teaspoon of this medicinal herb to a cup of boiling water taken internally will bring patient back to consciousness.

A teaspoonful in a glass of warm water will stop internal bleeding in the uterus, lungs and other internal organs.  For seasickness use it in a bowl of soup or tea and it will prevent motion sickness.

It can promote the flow of digestive secretions straight from the salivary, intestinal as well as gastric glands.

In the west Indies and Africa, it has been used for decades as a cure for yellow fever and other types of serious fevers.

Excellent insect repellent

An effective insect repellent, the powder sprinkled in cracks and crevices will keep away mice, rats, and insects.  Capsicum medicinal herb is very versatile.

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