Cayenne and Constipation is using cayenne medicinal herb to alleviate constipation

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne and Constipation

Cayenne medicinal herb is one of the herbs that are very beneficial in alleviating constipation and this can be included in our home remedy regime. It is a pepper which can cure and treat constipation. It will produce peristalsis, and peristalsis according to the Oxford Dictionary, is an involuntary muscular wavelike movement by which the contents of the digestive tract are propelled along with it. Therefore this medicinal herb will do just that with the colon and thereby aids in digestion.

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Constipation can be very embarrassing, depressing and can really spoil your day. A common cause of constipation is a lack of enough bulk in a person's diet.  Therefore, it would be wise to consume more fruits and green vegetables.  they help to make the bowels function normally.

Fruits contain mild acids which can stimulate the production of digestive juices.  They also possess antiseptic action in the digestive tract and will therefore decrease fermentation.  They will stimulate the bowels to force food downward and onward.

While those are excellent remedy for constipation, cayenne can also be a great aid especially in the absence of fruits, vegetables and other laxative herbs.

Eliminate constipation with cayenne herd

There is no limit to the use of this pepper because at every meal it can be used and also whenever the need arises it can be utilized in regards to constipation. It is also useful in the thinning of the blood and to boost blood circulation. It can act as a transport when combines with other medicinal herbs because it leads them where they are needed as medicine in the body system.

It most definitely has the power to eliminate constipation and and will work wonders for the heart. Cayenne pepper is also an excellent remedy for arthritis, bronchitis, cuts, scrapes as well as scratches. It is excellent also for laryngitis, shingles and Raynaud's disease, due to its effectiveness of blood circulation.

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Dosage - cayenne and constipation

As a remedy for constipation it is best to start with a capsule of 4000HU. This must be taken after meals. Although there will be a burning sensation after consumption the stomach will eventually get use to cayenne herb.

Also, there are various ways of using cayenne to get medicinal benefits such as, sprinkling it on foods or mixing it with another chili pepper powder in a glass of water and drinking it up.

Other natural methods for constipation

Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, is a very good remedy to avoid constipation.  Taking two glasses of water in the morning and one before retiring to bed is also useful.

Take some time to sit and relax on your toilet bowl whether or not the urge to pass your stool occur.

Eat a very large slice of papaya each morning and include daily exercise.


The cayenne seeds are toxic, so it is best to avoid taking cayenne supplements and furthermore avoid cayenne and constipation methods if you are pregnant or nursing.

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