Cerasee bath can be effective both internally and externally

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Cerasee Bath and its uses:

Herbal bath is restorative, revitalizing and curative and the best result is derived from herbal bath remedies including a bath with cerasee medicinal herb which involves bathing the entire body with cerasee tea.

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Herbal bath is excellent to relieve nervous tension, relax the muscles, take away tiredness, soothes the mind, and aids in various injuries, such as sports injuries. Cerasee plant is the ideal herb to use in this bath as herbal remedy to help soothe and heal all kind of ailments of the skin.

Preparation of cerasee herbal bath

Prepare the bath by making a strong tea of the cerasee medicinal herb. Then add a couple quarts of cerasee tea to your warm bath.

Make sure it is well blended and not too strong after adding it to the warm bath because it can cause slight wheals to appear on the skin.

It is better to prepare the herbal bath tea ahead of time by boiling and straining it.  Straining it will prevent any residue that might have gone unseen. 

I am very sure you will feel much better when your bath is free from sediments which can irritate the skin and so compromise the feeling of having a relaxing and enjoyable bath.

You can also fill a cotton bag with cerasee medicinal plant and then add the bag to your warm bath water. At times, I still remember my mother making this bath for me because of a skin ailment that resulted in itching.

Today, though not so popular like before, some Jamaicans still indulge in their herbal bath by using the tea of cerasee to bathe the body.

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Health benefits of cerasee herbal bath

Herbal bath is good to reduce swellings in the joints as well as it is an excellent remedy to relieve bodily aches and pains and this bath does just that, especially in the case of arthritis and rheumatism. 

This bath is also good to remedy measles and chicken pox, especially the itching that accompanies these ailments.

The bath made with the tea of cerasee herb is good for rashes, skin ulcers, gout, chicken pox and other skin ailments.

Thousands of people use herbal bath to relieve tensions and tiredness gained from working, long trips, diseases and pains.

This is a great remedy for emotional stress, mental stress and physical stress and a cerasee bath is one of the baths that will do the job.

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