Cerasee Tea For Acne

Cerasee Medicinal Herb

Cerasee Medicinal Herb

Cerasee is one of the bitter herbs and a good blood cleanser and while it can be used internally, it is just as excellent externally. On medicinalherbs-4u.com, you can find lots of information on the use and benefits of cerasee. However, using the cerasee tea on the face can give you a blemish and acne free facial look.

Using cerasee as a facial scrub can be very beneficial to those individuals who suffer acne and other related pimples and blemishes. Some people simply use the tea as herbal bath for skin ailments as well as others use the tea bags to gently scrub the face, making sure that the bags do not break. I prefer using the tea bag because it is very convenient and easy to use and this is better than cosmetics that contain lots of chemicals.

Simply pour boiling water on the tea bag, preferably in a tea cup and allow to steep according to instructions on the container. Allow to cool, then gently squeeze excess tea from the tea bag and used it to rub all over the face, especially where the acne is located. This can be done repeatedly according to one's desire.

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