Cerasee Tea is a Tonic

Cerasee Tea

Thanks to medicinal herbs anyone can make a lot of varieties of teas apart from the actual tea. One such tea is the tea of cerasee which already is being utilized by many individuals, inclusive of myself. These varieties of teas are referred to as herbal teas and they can benefit a person medicinally.

To tell you the truth, many people are afraid of this bush tea.  Just the mention of the name will cause people to run away from you.  You will have to inform yourself more about cerasee. 

At the end of this article you will find the link to the cerasee plant.  There you will get the full benefits of cerasee on a whole.  So if you can forget about the bitter taste, then you are good to go by drinking to your health with this tea.

The tea of cerasee is very bitter and therefore hard to swallow, but there are those individuals who take delight in consuming this tea because it purifies the blood and in that process keeps the skin clean and spotless. Cerasee is classed as one of the bitter herbs.

The tea is also used as cerasee bath which is good for all joint ailments. Herbal baths are known to settle the nerves and alleviate pains as well as fatigue. The tea can do a great job of this including the healing of sore muscles at the same time.

Health benefits of cerasee tea

This tea which is made from the vine is good for diabetes, worms, high blood pressure, dysentery as well as malaria. in some cases it is also effective for low blood pressure. Children can also drink this tea which will relieve colds and fevers as well as constipation.

In various country it is used to treat liver complaints and colitis. It is quite difficult for some people to get a hold of the cerasee plants. However, it is quite easy now to acquire the tea of cerasee because it is now sold in supermarkets in the form of tea bags.

The tea can be used to treat acne just by using it to wash the face each morning.  This approach can retard the growth of acne which can result in a clean clear complexion.

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Cerasee is one of the best herbal teas

Also called Jamaica cerasee tea as well as sersi tea by may locals, it is one of the best herbal teas that anyone can consume. Testimonies could be uttered by the people of Jamaica, Brazil, Curacao, Aruba, Philippines and Cuba of its many benefits.

Many people have felt rejuvenated, healthy and pure due to the consumption of the tea of cerasee.

The vine is grown all over Jamaica and is used by the majority of the people who can testify of all the ailments that this tea can cure.

For herbal preparation, I personally pour boiling water on the dried cerasee herb and allow it to steep for awhile.

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Updated February 15, 2020