Chaney root medicinal herb can be given to children who suffer with sleeping disorders

Chaney root (Smilax Balbisiana) medicinal herb is a traditional, well-talked about and well-loved plant or vine that is native to Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands as well as South and Central America.  I distinctly remembered my grandmother at every visit to the market, she would purchase this perennial herb for my grandfather.  

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It is found in the woodlands of Jamaica and it is part of the many medicinal herbs that are sold in the markets.  The main part used as herbal medicine is the root.

The common names are God bush, Medina, Jamaican sarsaparilla, Chaney vine, Chainy root, Chainy winder, Saw brier, Hog head, Smilax Balbisiana, Wild yam root, Jamaican herb, Brier wythe and Prickly green brier.  It was commonly used by natives as a tonic to maintain health when it was discovered by the Spanish conquerors.

The medicinal properties are tonic, analgesic, aphrodisiac, alterative, hepatic and astringent.  One of its primary constituents is iron and it also possesses minerals. Due to its iron content, it is one of the best plants for the blood.

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Health benefits of chaney root

It is commonly used as aphrodisiac, especially for those persons who suffer with very low libido and impotence.  It is combined with other roots to produce a strong "Roots" tonic for men to build up their nature.  It is also referred to as roots tonic wine. 

It is not only useful to men but to woman as well.  It is a good remedy to treat women ailments.  It can restore and maintain physical strength and energy combating fatigue.

It is also an excellent herbal remedy for purifying and promoting healthy blood.  It is referred to as the blood cleanser.

It can treat arthritis, anemia, rheumatism, low blood count, internal bleeding, insomnia, high blood pressure (hypertension), conditions of the nervous systems, syphilis and pains in the body. 

The beliefs that this root has magical powers

They say belief kills and belief cures.  In this case for many it would seem that the cure is more evident when it comes to this medicinal herb.  Many persons believe that it has magical powers and so they will utilize it for just that purpose. 

Some believe that it can protect their love life while others believe that it can bring prosperity, increase money, bring good luck and spirituality.  These beliefs are credited to other herbs as well and they have become focal points in some people's lives.  They live by this belief on a daily basis.

It is an ingredient in an herbal liqueur referred to as lunatonic, a magic drink.  Magically, this drink has the ability to bring about charm, beauty and harmony in a person. 

It opens the heart and will make an individual more receptive for the beauty of life.  Lunatonic can be purchased in stores and can also be ordered online.

It can be made into tea, beverage, powder and chaney root extract can be purchased in herbal shops and food markets.

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