Chickenpox herbs can treat and heal the ailing body of persons suffering with chickenpox

Neem is a bitter herb and can be used to treat cancer and chickenpoxNeem

Chickenpox Herbs

Everytime I think about or see someone with chickenpox I shiver because it is not a good experience when anybody contracted it.  I contracted it once and it was so terrible. I was absent from school for days and I stayed away from friends and relatives due to its contagious behaviour.  

I had sleepless nights due to the uncomfortableness of lying in bed with those hurtful goosebump blisters.  That was the first and last for me concerning this ailment, although it is believed that some persons can contract it a second time.  However, I have never seen this happened in my area.  

Although it is strongly believed that a person can catch it more than one time, it seldoms happen because the immune system will largely prevent it from recurring.

It very often affects children but adults who may or may not contracted the disease as children, can suffer from it sometimes during their adult life,  especially if they are exposed to someone who is suffering from the disease.  I can relate because my brother who was in late thirties did contract it from a co-worker. His stay home period was about three weeks.

That was the first time my brother experienced chicken pox.  It was very hard for him taking an unplanned three weeks sick leave from work. It took days for his skin to return to normalcy.

Home remedy with medicinal herbs

Although in this present age, persons often visit the doctor for treatment of chickenpox, I knew it was not so while I was growing up. Home remedy was the first option and it worked effectively. 

In my case, my mother treated me with chicken pox herbs until it went away.  Her method was using herbal bath to heal my stricken body.  These baths were almost unbearable but it had to be done and they worked.

The following herbs are very effective for chicken pox.  They are boiled and then made into herbal baths. These baths can be done two times per day. One in the morning and the other in the evening.

Chickenpox herbs

The following herbs are seen as the best herbs to treat chickenpox.  They are:


cerasee  bath


burdock root 


tamarind leaves


quaco bush


Make a strong tea from leaves of herb of your choice and or root of burdock and prepare bath by adding enough water for bathing the complete body inclusive of the face.

This procedure may be done once per day until chicken pox is completely gone.  Chickenpox herbs are used frequently by rural folks.

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