Medicinal Chinese herbs will aid in toning the spleen as well as the kidneys

Chinese herbs are set apart from all other natural medicines and they are loved and utilized by the masses. They contain many health benefits that have been experienced by the users.  Some of these health benefits include the strengthening and promoting of the immune system, regulating and normalizing high or low blood pressure, combating the growth of tumors, treating sexual conditions and treating many other ailments too numerous to be mentioned.

Health benefits and list of Chinese herbs

Chinese traditional medicine is a very good alternative medicine even for hair loss or baldness which is referred to as alopecia.  It can treat the imbalances of the hair root which is responsible for the loss of hair.

There are herbal supplements that can play a very important role when combined with Chinese medicine.  These herbal supplements include nettle tea, flaxseed oil, black beans, black sesame seeds as well as vitamin C.  Some of these combinations have anti-inflammatory properties and will also detoxify the body.

These Chinese medicinal herbs can be used to treat Lyme disease and various other diseases.  Lyme disease is an infectious bacterial disease which is caused by spirochetal organism, Borrelia Burgdorferi.  A person can be infected by this disease by a tick bite.  This disease is prevalent in the northeastern United States although it is found in many other regions.  Some people will suffer with rash, while some show no sign at all.

Due to the many symptoms of this disease, Chinese herbal medicine, which has the ability to treat multiplicities of disease are most suitable to treat Lyme disease.Some of these herbs are also useful in loss of weight.  Therefore, a combination of the herbs that make up a special Chinese tea is referred to as Bao Jian Mei Jian Fei Cha which is responsible for the weight loss.

In reality, in Chinese, the term bojenmi means slim and beautiful.  The tea is made up of raphanus, malt, alisma, cassia, pharbitis, shen-chu, pogostemon, citrus, phaseolus and hoelen and crataegus.  The herbs are also used traditionally to promote digestion and to moderately move the bowels.

Some of these herbs are associated with tightly kept secrets that have been upheld by traditional Chinese herbalists.  However, some of the common Chinese medicinal herbs are ginseng, Korean ginseng, black and red Reishi mushrooms, licorice root as well as ginkgo biloba.  They are part of the most natural of remedies.

Ginseng is very common among most people, especially men. The root is the main part used for medicine which contains natural healing benefits and it is also seen as an energy booster.  One of the most talked about ginseng is the Korean ginseng.  This Chinese medicinal herb is used to combat tiredness, weariness.  Korean ginseng has the ability to revived energy, vim and vitality and promote sexual dysfunctions.

The black and red Reishi mushrooms are other examples of prized Chinese medicine. They can strengthen the immune system and promote the vitality of function of white blood cells. The mushrooms are also good remedy for sleeplessness, nervousness as well as sexual dysfunctions of females.

Licorice root, a favourite of mine, is an invigorating medicinal herb and is a good body detox.  You can do well without sugar as It may be utilized as a natural sweetener.

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest herbs in China and it is also highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine.  It is very good for the memory, heart conditions, lungs, coughs, chronic inflammation as well as asthma. 

Chinese herbs are sold as herbal supplements in many stores worldwide.

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