Citrus Lime Fruit Packed With Goodness

Citrus Lime

Citrus Lime

I was not feeling well recently and I was once again told about the powerhouse citrus fruit, lime (Citrus aurantifolia) packed with goodness. Lime can be either green or ripe with a yellow color.

They say a feeling of normality will return when you put the juice of half of a lime in a cup of warm water and consume. I tried this on numerous occasions and it does help me a lot. As a matter of fact I try not to be out of this special citrus fruit.

Do not even think about the sour and acidic taste. Just think about the benefits that can be reaped from this small fruit. I have no idea why we prefer to ignore things that God has provided for us and then make all effort to treat ourselves with unnatural sources.

Lime juice is popularly used to flavor various beverages as well as it is used in beauty care. You can use it when washing dishes as well. It leaves the dishes smelling great. The medicinal properties of this powerhouse goodness are astringent, expectorant, antiseptic as well as antioxidant.

Although it possesses quite a few nutrients, the main nutrient is vitamin C and it is proven that it is a fruit that is high in dietary fiber. It also contains potassium, flavonoids, limonene as well as phytochemical. Lime fruit also produces alkaline which aids in maintaining a healthy pH balance in the body.

It is very popular in the Caribbean and most homes have a lime tree growing somewhere in the yard. So most persons might think it is from the Caribbean but it is really native to South East Asia. It is now found worldwide, especially plentiful in countries such as Europe, USA and Africa.

Health Benefits Of Lime

Its health benefits are numerous. I was informed by a friend that it can be
used to clean the toes and to treat nail fungus. It can leave the toes looking squeaky clean and clear. Just use half of one lime to clean those toes each morning or evening before a bath and not long from then, you will have beautiful toes. I am on my way to achieving beautiful toes as well. This is especially for those who do not use nail polish.

For any animal bite, apply a mixture of lime juice and castor oil. Also, a glass of warm water mixed with lime juice and honey can alleviate pain.

It can also be used to treat a headache. You can use the lime juice to rub across the forehead as well as cutting the lime in half and tie it down on the forehead. In a matter of minutes, headache can be alleviated.

It can be used as a deodorant according to a fan of mine. Just rub the lime juice under the arm pits and it will keep you for two whole days. This is really a powerhouse fruit packed with goodness.

A combination of lime and rose water is effective for the treatment of acne and pimples. Apply to affected areas and wash it off in about thirty minutes time with lukewarm water.

The health benefits of lime juice can treat weight loss, aids digestion, treat skin conditions, alleviate constipation, piles, build the immune system, eye care, gout, treatment of scurvy, peptic ulcer, respiratory conditions, gums, urinary disorders and numerous other ailments including cancer.

Some folks believe that a lime fruit placed closed to the chest can relieve nausea and mild chest pains. It is also believed that if the lime is placed in a bag, it will ward off evil in the event of daily traveling.

Citrus lime fruit packed with goodness should be in every home at all times.

Posted March 30, 2016

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Apr 06, 2016

by: Ann-Marie

Hi Emeka

Thank you very much for your comments and I am happy that you are doing much better. You keep it up as well and please tell someone about this site.

Apr 03, 2016
Citrus Lime is a wonderful drink
by: Emeka Ogazi

Greetings since visiting your site, seeking how to remove hard to digest food in my stomach and respiratory problems, I have read your articles on lemon, oranges and such like and I started preparing mine.

I did grind citrus lime with garlic, ginger, small sized type limes and drank in between meals. To my amazement, My catarrh vanished, I breath well and I have good digestive systems now.

Wahooo, keep it up.

Emeka Ogazi
Abakaliki Nigeria

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