Coconut Trees In Jamaica

Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree

Coconut trees can be found growing all over Jamaica. The scientific name is Cocos nucifera and it is a part of the Arecaceae family also referred to as the palm family. It is primarily found in the tropics and sub-tropics. It would be very funny indeed if there is a Jamaican yard without coconut trees.

There are also acres of lands in Jamaica that are dedicated to coconut farming and these coconuts are grown for commercial purposes. Whether tall or dwarf as they are described, it is useful to invest in even one somewhere in your yard. I love the dwarf coconut trees because I can always pick the fruits all by myself without asking someone to climb the tree. So I get to drink my coconut water daily.

Referred to as a palm, the tree is very beautiful as well as elegant and it is in existence for hundred of years. Some persons refer to it as the tree of life. Apart from the health benefits we receive from coconut trees, Jamaicans also use them as decorations or ornamental trees. They are beautiful to look upon as they grow in Jamaica, especially if they are whitewashed. The whitewashed trunks against the green grass is always exquisite, especially in the Christmas season. Although whitewashing the trunk can prevent insects and weather from damaging the bark of the trees, it is more seen as decoration for many Jamaicans.

Coconut trees are very important in Jamaica. Out of the coconut which some refer to as the
fruit, we get coconut oil, coconut water and coconut milk. We also use it to make custards, pastries such as cakes, cookies and biscuits and other delectables. One of my favorites is coconut cookies. There are other culinary purposes too numerous to mention.

Coconuts can also be used to make soaps and it is an ingredient in some cosmetics. The coconut tree is very versatile. Every part of the tree can be utilized. The coconut bark and leaves can make beautiful mats, hats, temporary roofs and novelties. I have seen persons used the leaves and bark to make clothes. The trunk of the tree can be used to make boards.

The coconut water and coconut milk that is derived from the coconuts are very popular and they are used frequently by persons worldwide for the many health benefits that can be achieved from them. Coconut milk can be used in almost everything. It can even be used with edible medicinal herbs. The coconut water is packed with nutrients that can be very beneficial to the body. The water is now popular among athletes. Coconut water and milk are sold in shopping centers worldwide.

So next time when you gaze upon a coconut tree, do not see it as just a tree but see it as an elegant and worthwhile creation that has made an indelible mark in the world of nature. Jamaicans cannot imagine living without or not growing coconut trees in and around the Island of Jamaica.

Posted October 1, 2015

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