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Herbal remedies for colic

Colic Herbal Remedies

A mother can tell you that colic is one of the most brutal struggle of initial motherhood. A baby will bawl as if he or she is experiencing extreme pain and the frightening part about it is that there just seems to be nothing the mother can do. 

At the age of three weeks, if the baby begins to cry nonstop even though comfort is given, then colic may be suspected due to the mothers' experiences with stomach pains in children.

However, the initial approach to a baby's cry is to make sure that the cause of distress before determining that it is colic.

Infants frequently cry because of cold, hunger, wetness, earache and other aches. If these ailments are not suspected to be the cause, then the bawling can be associated with colic.  

It is however important that the baby be brought to a doctor to make sure of what is happening.  Although in most cases, babies are given gripe water, there are various herbal colic remedies that can be given to the baby to treat the colic if you are convinced that the baby is experiencing symptoms of colic. 

Methods of Colic Herbal Remedies

1.  A tea made from medicinal herbs such as fever grass also called lemon grass, caraway, dill seeds, rue, summer savory, chamomile, Spanish needle, bayberry, catnip, arrow root, peppermint, spearmint, custard apple leaves, origanum, fennel, ginger, lime leaves may be given to the infant to alleviate colic and pain associated with colic.  

Give the infant four ounces of the above herbal tea per day to treat this condition.  These are basically safe herbs for infants.

2.  Burping is a method that is sidelined by many parents.  It is reported that allowing your child to burp before, after, as well as during feeding can decrease the amount of oxygen entering the child's intestines and stomach. 

3.  Bring to boil a chunk of onion.  Pour onion liquid into a sterilized baby bottle, and allow baby to drink it.

4.  Castor oil as well as essence of peppermint can be used to rub over the baby's belly to ease pain. 

5.  A warm water bottle can bring ease to the baby who is experiencing colic.  Place warm water bottle on the baby's belly.  This can help the intestines to relax as well as decrease cramps. 

Although there are many more remedies to treat colic in babies, the above methods were used by our parents. 

We can safely say that these are traditional and will continue to be so amidst the modern approaches. If you have never considered it before, maybe now is the time to consider colic herbal remedies. 

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