Cooking With Fresh Herbs

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Cooking with fresh herbs is my delight. Therefore, my husband and I make every effort to plant and grow our own herbs which is very easy and convenient and at the same time lots of fun. We grow ours outdoor but you can also grow them indoor if that is your best option. The end result will be fresh herbs for us and of course for our neighbors as well because we love to share. If buying fresh herbs is your only option, then it is very important that you do so for your health benefits.

When we reap fresh plants there is this joy and pride and it makes our meal more enjoyable and delectable. Growing our herbs also gives us the benefit to change the flavor as well as the opportunity to use whatever herbs we may want to consume that particular day. Fresh herbs are excellent when combined with breads, soups, stews and also vegetables.

In regards to an apprentice who wants to experience cooking with fresh herbs, it is best to take it slowly until you can fully understand the art of cooking fresh herbs. You can also look for recipes with fresh herbs. There are some herbs that work well with certain food and most individual who know about cooking herbs try to abide by the rules. Basil and tomatoes are good partners. Oregano medicinal herb with sauces are also good partners and rosemary herb along with lamb, chives, cream cheese or butter go well together. If you feel there is a particular food you want to add, then it is up to you because it is good to experiment. I love to experiment with herbs.

Some individuals prepare their own herbs and spices from fresh herbs. They make herb vinegars which is excellent for soups, marinades and not to be left out is salad dressings. Making your own herb vinegars is just so natural and healthy.

Anyone may utilize fresh herbs as garnishes. They will make any dish look mouth watering and spectacular. Rosemary can be placed over lamb chops that are broiled and parsley can be sprinkled on potato salad and the possibilities are endless.

You may store fresh herbs in the refrigerator for many days. However, after a while they must be placed in the freezer to keep its freshness. It is best to put them in a paper towel and then place them in a plastic bag. When they are frozen, do not use them as garnish but utilize them only in cooking.

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