Cooking with herbs can aid in treating and preventing diseases

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Cooking with herbs and spices, whether fresh or dried, is one of my specialties. Currently many of us continue to use medicinal herbs in any dish. I choose, prepare, and store herbs to add natural spice to all my meals, even if it is a simple meal.  Cooking herbs needs no great training and they make quick and easy dinners.  Anyone can experience this wonderful task, even if you are a novice to cooking.  if you are a novice, just start slowly and try to improve and adjust as the days go by and do not be afraid to experiment.

These medicinal plants do not only give flavor and spice to the food but the health benefits and herbal remedies that can be derived from them are paramount to the users and those who will consume the meals. It really plays a primary role in our lives.

Growing your own medicinal herbs can be very beneficial, economical and less time consuming because it will prevent you from visiting the store to do regular purchases of those that you will need for cooking. Therefore, if you have not already started, it would be best for you to have your own herb garden, whether it is indoor or outdoor, when thinking of cooking herbs, especially the cooking of fresh herbs.

Some of the medicinal herbs that may be grown in the garden for cooking are oregano, lemon balm, parsley as well mint.

Fresh herbs are excellent to be used with vegetables, soup, stews and bread.  You can give it a try and I am sure you will be very pleased of the outcome. The addition of a different herb will bring about a complete change in taste.

Ways of cooking with herbs

In cooking with herbs, there are times when the herbs are used as garnishes.  They can make any dish look beautiful and appetizing.  Sprigs of rosemary can be placed over broiled lamb chops, rings of saute onion can be placed over baked chicken, nicely chopped parsley may be used to sprinkle on potato salad and the list goes on.  Whatever is your preference, go for it, it will be worth it.

Making herb butters can play a great role in cooking with herbs as well.  It is up to you, the way you want to use it.   To make herb butters, use half cup of well softened butter.  Combine it with five tablespoonfuls of fresh herb of your choice.  On a piece of saran wrap, put the softened butter in the center, then roll up the saran wrap to create a block of butter.  Store in the refrigerator and used as desired.  It is good to use with bread, cooked or baked potatoes, noodles, sauces and steaks and any other cooked meals.

Top ten culinary herbs for cooking

However cooking herbs is the natural thing to do for personal well-being and healthy living and I love to blend all the herbs together when I am seasoning meat and marinate it overnight to give it that extra tasty tang.

My top ten culinary herbs for cooking are my personal choice. Other individual may have their own personal ones, but mine are as follows:

All of the above medicinal herbs are very beneficial to one's health. They are of great importance to the maintenance and recovery of the body's health.

I would encourage anyone, that cooking with medicinal herbs is essential and at the same time you will acquire a taste for the delicious flavors that can be elongated from these medicinal herbs.  Cooking with herbs is my ideal approach to healthy living.

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