Cowslip Medicinal Herb can support a balance and healthy lifestyle

Cowslip (Primula veris) medicinal herb is a flowering plant that is native to Asia and temperate Europe and the main parts used as herbal medicine are the root and flowers.  It is of the Primulaceae family and the medicinal properties are sedative as well as antispasmodic. 

The name may have come from the old English in reference to cow dung.  This may also sprung from the fact that the medicinal plant was frequently discovered growing in the midst of cow dung in various cow pastures.

It can be a beautiful addition to any herb garden or ornamental garden due to its beautiful yellow flowers which also contain medicine and may be made into a syrup for medicinal purposes.  It can be planted along side other ornamental herbs such as daffodils, periwinkle, roses, poppy, cornflower, amaranth, white and red carnation as well as iris.

The common names are Arthritica, Buckles, Butter rose, Crewel, Cuy lippe, Drelip, Fairy cups, Herb peter, Key of heaven, Key flower, Mayflower, Our Lady's keys, Paigle, Pasywort, Password, Peagle, Peggle, Petty mulleins, Plumrocks, Printemps, Primrose, Primula, Primula officinalis as well as Tittypines.  The constituents are saponin, glycosides and also essential oil.

On the culinary side the leaves have been traditionally utilized by the Spanish in their cooking.  They used the leaves to make salad and the English utilized the flowers to flavor vinegars as well as wine. Also the juice from the herb is used to seasoned tansy and then fried.

Health benefits of cowslip herb

It is alternative medicine for the throat, bronchitis, insomnia, sore and swollen nose, headache, rheumatism, neuralgia or nerve pain as well as shivers of the body.

Insomnia is suffered by many individuals.  They have difficulty in sleeping and there are many medicinal herbs that can treat such a condition and this is one of the herbs that can treat sleeping disorders.  It may be used instead of medication that has been prescribed.

It is also used to promote urine production, decrease muscle spasms, dizziness, weak heart and heart conditions, whooping cough, asthma, gout, and nervous system ailments.

Mix it with medicinal herbs such as vervain, sorrel, gentian root and elder flower and you get a good herbal medicine for treating sinusitis as well as maintaining very healthy sinuses.

Cowslip medicinal herb can be utilized in the form of tinctures and extracts.

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