Croup Herbal and Natural Home Remedies

Croup (laryngotracheobronchitis) is an inflammation or aggravation of the voice box also called larynx, bronchi, and trachea. It greatly affects the voice which makes speaking difficult due to hoarseness and this is a result of infection which has affected the vocal cord. In grown ups this illness is known as laringitis. It does not only affect the speech but it also obstructs normal breathing and that makes this malady very severe. This condition must not be overlooked, particularly in babies because it can become very dangerous for them.

Inflammation resulting from croup can result in stridor which is a loud high pitched sound when breathing. This is due to an obstruction or blockage in the airway between the nose and the lungs. Now and again the underside of the tongue will likely swells up and there is also a terrible hack cough sound which becomes worst during the evening going into the night.

To make full recovery from croup or laryngitis it is important to stop using cow's milk as well as baby formula. These are known triggering agents. Also, it would be wise to avoid dairy products such as icecream, cheese and milk. Sugar, corn and wheat should also be avoided.

Croup Natural and Home Remedies

For children, turn on the shower in the bath, allowing the steam from boiling hot water to engulf the bathroom. Take the infant into the bathroom and permit the child to inhale the steam. This aids in clearing the
airway and permits the child to relax and breathe properly.

Also, freely put a warm, wet material on the mouth and nose of the ailing person. This should be loosely placed so as not to obstruct breathing. The warm vapor will help to relax the person as well as allowing that person to breathe normally. Do not overheat the material. Be reminded that these natural treatments are also effective for adults.

During the few days under the above treatment, squeezed orange juice blended with water may be given in small doses until the fever goes away.

Another powerful and effective remedy is to place cold packs to the throat at regular intervals, every two hours.

Herbal remedy such as eucalyptus may be given to children if suffocation arises. Also, make sure that the room has enough warm and moist air to restore humidity. Afterwich, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to boiled water to make breathing much easier.

Lobelia, echinacea, yerba santa and grindelia herbs may also be used to treat croup. I love to use garlic and this is one herb that can do the job on laryngitis. Some persons inclusive of myself may chew the garlic clove. This treatment will dissolve the membranes as well as reduces temperature. This remedy can also be a big relief to the sufferer.

Finally, fresh onion juice combined with honey, licorice root as well as vegetable glycerin is very good. A teaspoonfull may be consumed when it is needed.

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