Custard apple leaves have been used as herbal remedy, especially in the Caribbean

Custard Apple Tree taken in JamaicaCustard Apple Tree

Custard apple leaves (Annona reticulata) medicinal herbs are well used in Jamaica for a number of ailments.  I am so sorry my grandmother is no longer around to tell me more concerning these wonderful plants.  Custard apple tree is native to Central America, South America as well as the Caribbean and it is from the Annonaceae family.

The common names for the custard apple are Jamaica apple, Bullock's heart, Bull's heart, Wild sweetsop and Anona roja.  It is a very important medicine in the herbs list.

The tree can be found Island wide in many yards and it can be found in the bushes as well. Although the fruit, which is very meaty, creamy and very sweet as well as very nutritious, it is the leaves that are popularly sort after and used as herbal remedy and alternative medicine to treat and cure illnesses.

The bark and the fruit possess alkaloid as well as anonaine (C17H16O3N) which can aid in herbal remedy. The leaves are not the only ones with the medicinal benefits as some believe, but the fruit also is used to remedy diarrhea as well as dysentery.

Health benefits of custard apple leaves

custard apple leaves

A tea made from the leaves is beneficial in the treatment of syphilis, fevers and also colic. When I am making the tea, I usually steep three to four of the dried leaves in boiling water for about eight minutes which should be able to make at least two cups of tea. This surely is a natural remedy that will have great health benefits on the user.

Some people have varying methods on making the tea depending on the amount that is required for healing.

The leaves are especially good for broken, swollen as well as sprain ankles. Many individuals, especially the elderly, will vote for its natural and quick healing when it is placed on sprain ankles.

Methods of using these medicinal herbs to treat
sprains and swellings

To treat a sprain and swollen ankle, warm three leaves over warm fire and put a small amount of vinegar on the leaves. If you are allergic to vinegar, then avoid it. Too much vinegar will also burn the skin, so just a bit will do. Place the quail leaves on a piece of cotton material and bind the affected area. Another way of doing it is to crush the leaves and apply it to the affected area using the same method as before.  Custard apple leaves may also be applied to tumors and at all times use a bandage to keep the herbal medicine in place.

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