Definitions Of Herb Classifications Beginning With Letter H

Herb classifications, also referred to as medicinal properties are found in medicinal plants to aid in preventative and curative actions of various diseases. Beginning with letter H are the following definitions of the actions of these medicinal herbs.


Hemostatic herbs are responsible to stop bleeding and cause the blood to coagulate. These herbs are agrimony, lemon, periwinkle, garlic, ginger, uva ursi, nettle, goldenseal, angelica, skullcap, turmeric, horsetail, mullein, ginkgo biloba, cayenne, yellow dock, reishi mushroom, bistort and witch hazel.


Hepatic herbs are used to promote health liver and to enhance the production of bile. These herbs are goldenseal, barberry, yellow dock, blue flag, yarrow, milk thistle, ashwagandha, artichoke, cornsilk, wild yam, barberry, buckthorn, celery, poke root, wahoo, prickly ash, fringetree, fennel, cascara sagrada, oregon grape, dandelion, agrimony, turmeric, peppermint and Pau d'arco.


Hypnotic herbs are use to produce a deep and sedative sleep. These herbs are ashwaghanda, reishi mushrooms, passion flower, saffron stigma, valerian, longan berries and hops.


Hypotensive herbs are used to lower blood pressure. these herbs are garlic, black cohosh, avocado leaves, goldenseal, barberry, ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, dong quai, wood betony, skullcap and breadfruit leaves.

Herb Classifications By Letters


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