Definitions Of Herb Classifications Beginning With Letter N

Herb classifications, also referred to as medicinal properties are found in medicinal plants to aid in preventative and curative actions of various diseases. Beginning with letter N are the following definitions of the actions of these medicinal herbs.


Narcotic herbs are used to induce sleep and to alleviate pain. These herbs are valerian, skullcap, chamomile, wormwood, ashwaghanda, peppermint, mullein, passion flower, vervain, catnip, black cohosh, betony, kava kava, mint and motherwort.


Nauseant herbs are similar to emetic herbs. They can produce nausea as well as vomiting. These herbs are lobelia, calamus, pokeroot, echinacea and quassia.


Nervine herbs are used to soothe and calm nerves. They are also referred to as relaxants and they can decrease anxiety, stress and tension. These herbs are valerian, passion flower, betony, chamomile, yarrow, hops, skullcap, catnip, lemon balm, damiana, St. John's wort, lavender, boneset, borage and mugwort.


Nephritic herbs are used to treat ailments associated with the kidney and the urinary tract. They are also responsible to eliminate toxins and to boost the immune the system. These herbs are couch grass, buchu, Queen of the meadow, horsetail, gravel root, golden seal and juniper berries.


Nutritive herbs are used as nutrition for the body. When the body lacks nutrients it is susceptible to all kinds of diseases. They will aid in preventing poor health and these herbs usually contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and other nutritive elements. These herbs are rose hips, chickweed, dandelion, aloe Vera, strawberry leaves, alfalfa, nettles, marshmallow, cayenne, slippery elm, water cress, red clover, comfrey, yellow dock, Irish moss, kelp, ginseng and winter cherry.

Herb Classifications Or Actions By Letters

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