Medicinal diabetes herbs may stop the deadly consequences of diabetes

Spanish needle, a very good remedy for diabetesSpanish Needle

Diabetes herbs are medicinal plants for diabetes and they should be in every household to use as preventative or curative remedies because of their beneficial effects to this specific disease.

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a condition in which a person has a high blood sugar level or glucose.  

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This is because the body does not produce enough insulin, which is a natural hormone or because the body cells do not properly respond to the insulin that is produced. 

It is a pancreas disease because in a diabetic condition, the pancreas is overworked.  This disease is also called 'sugar.'

Insulin is natural hormone produced in the pancreas which enables body cells to absorb glucose, to turn into energy. If the body cells do not absorb the glucose, the glucose accumulates in the blood leading to vascular, nerve, and other complications.

Herbs for diabetes will greatly altered the spread of this disease. Therefore, everyone who is threatened by diabetes should know the use of each medicinal plant which will be displayed in this text.

Diabetes or sugar is the world's 4th leading cause of death and millions of people inclusive of children suffered from this terrible disease. 

Chemical drugs, even though widely used, cannot adequately stop this disease in its track. Although doctors and scientist have not come up with set causes, some persons believed that it is primarily caused by excessive eating which includes refined carbohydrates as well as too much animal fats.

Early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes is extremely important in helping diabetics to live longer and alternative medicine in the form of medicinal herbs can greatly improve this possibility.

This is a natural medicinal treatment for this ailment.  we all need to manage our blood sugar level and that will minimize cost, sickness and death.

Symptoms of diabetes or sugar

The symptoms of diabetes or the symptoms of diabetics may experience are weakness, fatigue, excessive thirst, labored breathing, frequent urination.

If this is left untreated, then blindness, kidney disease, blood vessel damage, infection, heart disease, nerve damage, high blood pressure, stroke, limb amputations, and coma may result. Diabetes symptoms should not be ignored. 

Also, prescribed medications for diabetes should not be avoided.  It was discovered that forty to fifty percent of people do not take their diabetic medications properly and so contributing to worsening of this disease as well as deaths.

Some of the early signs of Type 1 diabetes are: Frequent urination accompanied by unusual thirst, extreme hunger, rapid weight loss with easy tiring, weakness and fatigue, irritability, nausea, and vomiting.

Some of the early signs of Type 2 diabetes are: Frequent urination, accompanied by unusual thirst, blurred vision or any change in sight, tingling or numbness in the legs, feet, or fingers, frequent skin infection or itchy skin, slow healing of cuts and bruises, drowsiness, vaginitis in women, and erectile dysfunction in men.

However, always be reminded to call your doctor or your pharmacist if you do not understand anything about taking your medications for diabetes.

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List of diabetes herbs

The medicinal herbs for diabetes will aid in prevention and treatment.  These diabetes herbs are natural treatment for diabetes and they are recommended by individuals who have tested them and have seen positive results.

The diabetes herbs therefore are saw palmettouva ursi, buchu, blueberry leaves goldenseal, poplar, Gymnema sylvestre,  blue cohosh, raspberry leaves, periwinkle, garlic, eucalyptus leaf, lignum vitae leaves, dandelion root tea, cerasee, Spanish needle, sage and chicorySusumber is also an excellent herb to treat diabetes.

Mashed 7 cloves of garlic to a pint of water and drink mouthfuls during the day and last thing at night. Eating a lot of blueberries is also very beneficial.

Diabetics need to avoid white flour and sugar and they must exercise daily. Try to enjoy your diabetic diet, it will help you to live longer along with the use of diabetes herbs.

There are supplements that may be used to aid in diabetes.  They are Vitamin B complex, B6, F, C, E, A, D, Niacin as well as minerals inclusive of manganese, potassium and chromium in addition to diabetes herbs.

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Updated April, 2020

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