Diuretic herbs are medicinal plants that can soothe an inflamed urinary tract


Diuretic herbs can be termed as using medicinal herbs to increase or elevate the flow of urine which provides a forced diuresis and this urine would be the amount of urine a person would normally pass out of the body.

Diuretic is a substance that helps to remove excess amount of water, sodium as well as electrolytes from the body system through urine. There are medicinal herbs that can be effective to do just that and to regularize the normal level of water in the system.

Natural approach to this problem is safer and less costly to the sufferer, so the use of these herbs to use as alternative remedy to rectify this problem will be gratifying.

Edema or water retention is sometimes caused by heart disease as well as kidney disease.  Therefore, when the heart is not able to push out excess water from the body inclusive of the hands and feet, then the water is retained, which is referred to as water retention. 

With the aid of diuretic herbs and the avoidance of salt which can retain fluids, then the effect on the body may be prevented.

They can treat bloating

Excess water in the body can be a result of certain eating habits and medical issues that affects almost everyone. These herbal diuretics will treat edema, bloating, fluid retention, as well as water retention. This is another way of natural diuretic which may also prevent water being retained around anemic joints and also the organs.

List of diuretic herbs

The diuretic medicinal herbs are green tea which is a natural diuretic product that has been in use for hundred of years in China as well as other parts of the world and also dandelion greens,  marshmallowgingerhorsetail as well as fennel are all natural diuretics.

In addition, medicinal plants such as uva ursi,  gotu kolahawthorncorn silk, and parsley are used as diuretics in natural medicine.

Herbal diuretics is safer than synthetic diuretics

There are certain sicknesses that will prevent free blood flow to the kidneys and if and when this happens then the retention of water will occur and needs to be excreted from the body, hence diuretic, which in this crisis, these herbs are safer to use than synthetic diuretics.

Some of the diseases that will cause water retention are high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, as well as liver diseases. Pre-menstrual bloating is another ailment that will create water retention in the body system.

Foods that are high in sodium will also cause this retaining of water in the body system and there are many of these food that we eat daily without thinking of the repercussion.

Due care must be given, however when taking any form of medication for diuretic conditions because over doing it can cause dehydration and other serious conditions.

You must always remember to contact your physicians regarding recommendations to use herbal remedies, even in regards to diuretic herbs.

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Updated April 7, 2020


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