Eat to live and not to die

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Every time I visit a hospital, I get so emotional just by looking at so many sick persons and I am more convinced that turning towards a more plant-based diet is the answer to living a fulfilled and longer life. I might as well include the numerous funerals I am attending of fairly young persons who had lots more years ahead of them, but alas, gone too soon. My motto is, eat to live and not to die. Many of us do eat and we think we are eating to survive when in truth we are eating ourselves to death.

I know we all have to die at sometime or the other but many of us speed it up and leave behind friends and families to wallow in sorrow. I do not believe in the saying, well nothing could be done, it was just his time or her time to die. There are many occasions when something could be done to prevent certain ailments that will surely lead to death. Healthy eating brings about healthy bodies and that we cannot deny.

I remembered a friend of mine who took sick and was taken to the hospital. The diagnosis was that he was suffering from cirrhosis of the liver which is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, and indeed he was an habitual drinker. He almost died but thank God he recovered enough to learn that this was a bad habit he would have to drop if he wanted to live longer and to take care of his family. It
has been years now and he is as healthy as a horse and enjoying life.

When you eat to die, then the ever popular diseases will walk in, take over your body, and reside there if not kicked out. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, high blood pressure and heart disease claim the lives of millions each year despite the fact that there are numerous programs to warn persons of impending danger of the consumption of non nutritious food and other unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking. The programs are there to help us to know which foods to consume and which foods to avoid. Eat to live and not to die is a passionate plea from my heart as I watch my people and my friends leaving earth before their time. It is a sad state of affair. Health and nutrition is vitally important.

Eat up your edible plants, herbs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other wholesome foods. Exercise regularly and do a lot of fasting as well. Fasting will detox the body. Strive to eat to live and do not forget about drinking lots of water. We do all these to maintain our mental and physical health. Do not be afraid to research and gain more knowledge of how to eat and live healthy.

Also, if stricken with diseases, there are medicinal herbs that can reverse these ailments. However, prevention is better than cure and so eat to live and not to die should be our main focus to embrace long life.

Submitted November 28, 2017

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