Ebola Virus And Medicinal Herbs

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Symtoms of Ebola

Symtoms of Ebola

Can medicinal herbs cure Ebola? The Ebola virus disease outbreak for 2014 is the worst outbreak ever in the history of man. There is worldwide panic even though this epidemic is mainly centered in countries of West Africa. However, countries outside of West Africa are making preparation to deal with this terrible Ebola virus in the event of even a small case as well as steps are taken to prevent its entrance in other countries around the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) and other partners have already set up Emergency Operations Center to give needed assistance. There is current news that the first case has now reached the United States of America after a man who arrived from Liberia fell ill and was diagnosed with Ebola. This is not good news at all. However, authorities are assuring the public not to panic because The U.S is well equipped to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Some people are convinced that there are medicinal herbs that have the ability to treat and cure Ebola. There are many offers and claims that are sometimes hard to believe and need to be approached with caution. You must not let desperation dictates your reaction to this disease by making a terrible mistake
towards Ebola. It is 90% death risk and therefore deemed as a very serious disease. So it must be reported and monitored by professional doctors.

A Chinese Medicine doctor by the name of Sun Simiao came up with the "blood heat" formula in herbal medicine which is referred to as "Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang."

This formula comprises of:

1. Sheng Di Huang (rehmannia)

2. Xi Jiao (traditionally made from rhino horn, but is now replaced with buffalo horn)

3. Mu Dan Pi (moutan root bark)

4. Chi Shao (red peony root)

Other medicinal herbs that may be used to help prevent infections are anti viral herbs such as ginger root, black elderberry, echinacea and andrographis. There is no full proof that these herbs can cure and prevent Ebola virus, but there is no harm to try due to the fact that the drugs and pharmaceuticals at present has nothing to offer. Currently, there is no vaccine against the disease.

Although the virus is deadly, it is reported that it is not very contagious. The common cold or the flu will spread through airborne droplets. However, Ebola can only spread through contact with bodily fluids, like blood, vomit and diarrhea.

October 01, 2014

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