Eczema and Cerasee

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My one year and nine months old niece came to stay with me for a while. She suffers eczema, also refers to as atopic dermatitis and so her skin is always itchy, dry and scaly with pimples scattered all over. However, when she came, it was not as bad I thought.

After two days of her stay, I noticed that her face and hands had some fine pimples. She is also lactose intolerant, and so I was careful not to give her any milk nor dairy products in her meals. I, therefore, did not know what had caused this sudden reaction.

She was still the bubbly little girl I know, so I realized that it did not affect her internal health. I decided to use some cerasee to make a bath for her. This I did for two days bathing her in the morning as well as in the evening and surprisingly enough, I saw great improvement.

Her parents had given me a cream which was prescribed by a doctor for her condition. So I incorporated the two because I did not want to stop from treating her with the cream. Therefore, after each cerasee bath and a good towel pat drying, I use the cream to rub the affected areas.

To complete the treatment, I gave her two tablespoons full of cerasee tea each morning and she is doing a lot better. I truly love this medicinal herb. It really has a lot of herbal benefits. I told her mother about it and she said that she was also thinking of the cerasee, but this herb was not in the area where she resides. I am planning to give her a good amount of this wonderful herb when she comes back for my niece.

Many persons, young and old are afflicted with eczema. It is described as an acute or chronic disease of the skin. It is itchy, noncontagious as well as inflammatory. The distinctive features are a combination of edematous papules scaling as well as thickened lesions which are varying and irregular.

No matter how bad eczema gets, cerasee can treat it resulting in a positive result.

Updated November 12, 2015

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