Elecampane medicinal herb may be used to treat piles

When elecampane is combined with echinacea it becomes an excellent alternative medicine for diabetes.Elecampane

Elecampane (Inula helenium) medicinal herb is a plant that is native to Asia, Europe and then it was adopted in North America as well as other regions around the world.  It is a perennial plant of the Compositae family boasting some very beautiful yellow flowers. 

It was utilized thousand of years ago and was even mentioned in Pliny, Natural history 19.29.  It was recorded as a condiment as well as a medicine. 

This is a traditional herb with numerous folklore uses, traditions, rituals and legends.  It was also used as a protection against witchcraft.  One legend behind it is that it was named Elfdock and also Elfwort as it was deemed that there was a connection between it, elves and fairy kingdom.  Elecampane was also most sacred to Celtic Druids.

The common names are Horse-elder, Scabwort, Horse-heal, Elfdock, Yellow startwort, Inula helenium as well as Elfwort.  The primary part used for medicine is the root and rhizome.  The medicinal properties are diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, aromatic, stomachic, digestive, antibacterial, antiseptic, stimulant, tonic as well as astringent.

One of its constituents is a starch referred to as inulin and it is a carbohydrate deriving from a group of compounds known as fructans.  Due to the fact that inulin aids the immune system, elecampane is a good herb to enhance and boost the immune system.  Other constituents are alantolactone, isoalantolactone, dihydro isoalantolactone, 13-dihydro alantolactone and sesquiterpene lactones.

Health benefits of elecampane herb

Health benefits of this herb includes the use for respiratory conditions such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, coughs as well as bronchitis.  It will aid in the healing of a bronchitis by drying up the mucus secretions.  It is also a remedy for the treatment of tuberculosis.  As a matter of fact, long before antibiotics came into existence, it was used as remedy for tuberculosis.

Children who suffer with coughs associated to bronchitis may also use it.  When combined with echinacea it is also an excellent alternative medicine for diabetes.  It may also be combined with elderflower. The essential oil extracted from the root is also beneficial for these conditions.

To the mucous membranes, It is a stimulant as well as a tonic.  It gives a gentle warmth to the lungs and in addition it will also strengthens it.  It is really excellent for all pulmonary diseases.  The tea also, is useful in whooping cough, it can strengthens, cleanses and tones up the mucous membranes of the lungs and stomach and for urinary retention, kidney and bladder stones. 

A tonic made from this medicinal herb has the ability to treat chest infections.  It is also an ear, nose and throat (ENT) remedy, especially if you are ailing with catarrh condition.

It is also remedy for shortness of breath, intestinal parasites, amoebic dysentery, congestive heart failure as well as yeast infections.  Ladies who suffer from amenorrhea may use it to promote menstrual periods.

It is a very good herb in herbal bath.  Just combine it with lavender as well as burdock and prepare bath in a gallon of water.  It will cleanse the skin of bacteria. It is very useful internally as well as externally because it is also a good remedy for skin ailments.

It is believed that mixing it with any remedy that can deter the effects of poison, it will be able to treat stings and bites received from insects and serpents.


Take one capsule three times per day and in the form of liquid extract, take one teaspoon full and currently is being prescribed as an expectorant.  Also, it is best to reap the roots from young plants.  It can be prepared as a lotion, tincture or powder.


If you trouble with high blood pressure, pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use elecampane.

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Updated April 23, 2019

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