Eucalyptus medicinal herb can be mixed with water and used as natural insect spray

Eucalyptus oil is a good remedy to treat allergies.

Eucalyptus medicinal herb comes from the Greek word meaning "well-covered." The plant is native to Australia and Tasmania and it is the main food for the kola bear. There are almost three hundred various types of species in Australia, but the eucalyptus is one of the most distinctive plants in these species. The leaves produce a volatile oil that may be utilized for herbal medicinal benefits. It is from the Myrtaceae family.

It is undoubtedly an aromatic herb which has lots of benefits and will give excellent ease being a kind of decongestant as well as an expectorant. For generations Vicks which happens to be made as a rub from this medicinal plant is applied to the back as well as to the chest of any one who has a common cold or all other respiratory problems. It is able to loosen up the mucus inside the chest so that a person can cough up and spit out the mucus.

The primary substance of the oil is eucalyptol. E. from the globulus species which contains about seventy percent of eucalyptol, the result being one of the best and most effective antibacterial agent.

The medicinal properties of this herb are aromatic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, expectorant as well as stimulant.

The common names are Eucalyptus Globulus (botanical name), Blue gum tree, Gully gum oil, Gully gum, Gum tree and Stringy bark tree.

The oil is used as a vapor rub

This medicinal herb which is also known as Blue gum tree, has both internal and external uses. The oils are almost never used internally or ingested but on rare occasion a doctor might use a small amount for nasal congestion, bronchial disease and other respiratory problems.

Externally, the essential oil of this herb is applied as a vapor rub and though it is recommended that this is rubbed on the chest and back regions, it is equally suitable for inhalation in such ways as steam vaporizers.

Some people will boil water and drop a teaspoonful of vapor rub into it so a sick person can breathe in the fumes which will help to break up the congestion in the lungs. Further explanation of this can be found below. Quite often people have used the very same rub for sprains, bruises, and muscle aches and pains.

Health benefits of Eucalyptus Globulus

The eucalyptus oil or essential oil is a very powerful antiseptic. It is used to treat pyorrhea which is a gum disease and it is often used to treat burns as well as used as an antiseptic dressing for wounds and sores.

A small drop of the oil on the tip of the tongue will take away nausea. Another quick tip is a few sniffs of the oil is said to help someone who has fainted and when mixed with cinnamon it is known to alleviate the symptoms of the flu. Also, putting a small amount on your pillow will help clear stuffy nose and gives a good night sleep. I love to do this, it works well for me and I enjoy the nice aromatic smell coming up from the pillow.

It is additionally used in aromatherapy due to the fact that when blended together with other oils this can be very beneficial. The effects of it are revitalizing and balancing and the scent is very calming. For the purposes of aromatherapy it mixes effectively together with Juniper, lavender, and also marjoram. When it used in aromatherapy it does the whole body good while it helps relax mental exhaustion, boosts mental clarity and alertness, sharpens the senses, refreshes and revives, stimulating and energizing.

Additionally it has excellent results on the body mainly because of its cooling effect. It alleviates pain and sore muscles, breaks up congestion, and decreases inflammation. When combined with aromatherapy it provides pure enjoyment. Inhaling the fragrance of it can reduce stress and lessen depression. It makes for an overall sense of better well being. Eucalyptus medicinal herb is great for both bathing and also for massage oils.

It is so versatile that it can also be used as an air disinfectant. It is an herbal remedy for headaches, asthma, burns, flu, bronchitis and other various ailments. It is also useful to treat urinary infections, rheumatism, skin ulcers, and wounds.

Preparation of steam inhalation

Steam inhalation is a very effective method to clear up block nasal passages and sinuses.  It is well known for such purposes. Therefore the preparation involves the oil, a fairly big container, a huge towel as well as boiling water.

Continue the preparation by adding six cups of the boiling water into the container. Next, add 3 drops of the essential oil and then place your head over the container. This will be followed by the covering of the head with the towel, close your eyes and then breathe deeply and slowly in and out. Remain in this position until the blocked nasal passages are cleared up. This process with eucalyptus medicinal herb can last up to approximately fifteen minutes.

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