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by Admin
(From Winsom, my sister)

My sister complained of itching under the skin of her face. She tried many hopeful remedies but did not get any relief at all. She bought ointments that were recommended to her, but she was still being tormented by the itching. The worst scenario was that the itching was not on the surface of the face but under the skin. This condition robbed her of her sleep each night because it greatly affected her more at nights than any other time.

These types of itchiness can be caused by allergies and other forms of ailments. A professional doctor should be able to tell you what is causing the itching. However, for my sister, it was like insects crawling under her skin. She said one night in her sleep, she dreamt that our deceased grandmother came to her and told her what to use to get rid of the problem she was having. She got up the next morning and proceeded to get all the ingredients that our grandmother told her to get. These ingredients were Aloe Vera, tuna plant and water.

My sister blended the Aloe Vera and tuna together, combined with a little water. She used the mixture on her face accordingly by using just a tablespoon of the mixture every night on her face before retiring to bed. The mixture was used to gently and lightly spread all over the face, followed by a cleansing of her face in the morning with pure water.

After a few days the itching completely disappeared. She is now a happy person. Thank goodness for medicinal herbs.

To preserve the mixture, placed it in the refrigerator for the duration of use. If you prefer a warm application due to the coldness of the fridge, warm it in a dinner spoon over low fire. Please make sure that the spoon can withstand heat.

I have experienced over the years and heard of various testimonies just like my sister’s, where deceased relatives and loved ones would appear in sleeps to give answers to issues in people’s lives. I cannot give an answer as to why or how that could ever happen, but it does. For most parts these issues are solved through these dreams. I think I will have to join with J.R. Baxter who composed, farther along we’ll know all about it, farther along we’ll understand why. One of these days for sure we will understand it.
Once again, this is proof that medicinal herbs can do wonders.

Submitted January 22, 2020

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