False unicorn medicinal herb has no injurious side effects in regards to its herbal supplements

False unicorn (Chamaelirium carolinianum) medicinal herb is a plant which is defined as one of the female herbs due to the fact that its main medicinal purpose is to remedy the ailments of women. It is from the family, Liliaceae.

It is a perennial herbaceous medicinal plant that is native to North America. It is found in abundance along the Mississippi River because it loves to strive in moist and fertile soil.

It is not seen as long length plant because it is miniature and will grow up to 100 centimeters in full length. It also blooms greenish white flowers and the main part used as herbal medicine is the bulbous rhizome or the roots.

The common names are Blazing star root, Devil's bit, Helonias root and Veratrum luteum. It should not be mistaken for the true unicorn which is referred to as Aletris farinosa although it also contains some of the same constituents as the false one, which are Steroidal saponins (diosgenin) as well as numerous properties of oestrogenic.

The medicinal properties are tonic (uterine), diuretic, anti-inflammatory, emetic, vermifuge, anthelmintic as well as emmenagogue.

Health benefits of false unicorn herb

Many herbal health benefits can be derived from this plant, especially that of the root.   As I mentioned before it is one of the female herbs because it is an excellent herbal remedy to normalize all irregularities of the woman's hormonal cycle. There is no research to substantiate why this is so but there are some things that man cannot fathom, only God can. However, It may be used to treat infertility in both men and women.  It is therefore declared as herbal fertility.

It is very good to treat menstrual conditions as well as uterine ailments. Its therapeutic conditions are a result of the substances that are contained in it, which are Steroidal saponins. It can also be a remedy for ovarian cysts and women who continue to use contraceptives may be benefited. The reason for this is that it is believed that this medicinal herb will normalize the hormonal level after taking these contraceptives.

In days gone by, it was used by Native North American females as herbal remedy to counter miscarriage, morning sickness and also vomiting that is associated with pregnancy. This was done by using their teeth to grind false unicorn.

This root is also beneficial in regards to digestive tract conditions that are also associated with pregnancy. I doubt this habit is continuing today because their are those who believe that it should not be taken during pregnancy due to its uterine tonic properties.

It also contains diuretic properties which have the ability to assist the body in eliminating waste matter, intestinal worms, as well as to encourage the normal flow of urine from the body.


Taken in tincture form, the standard dosage is one teaspoonful three times daily. Taken in dried powdered form the recommended dosage is half teaspoonful three times per day of false unicorn.

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