Fever grass medicinal herb can be used fresh or dried

Fever grass medicinal herbsLemongrass

Fever grass (Andropogon citratus) medicinal herb is also known as lemongrass.  A very popular herb in Jamaica, it is used very widely for all kinds of ailments. It is a natural remedy for various diseases. 

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It can be described as tall lemon-scented grass more looking like a small sugar cane and is found in many yards. 

It is native to the warmer regions around the globe inclusive of the Mediterranean, North Africa, South Africa, as well as the Middle East.

Health benefits of fever grass

I love fever grass tea and it is still a practice for me to pick a stalk or two and make myself a nice cup of tea. I say practice because I still remember my grandmother asking me to pick the grass most mornings to make her favourite tea for her grandchildren.

She would always say, this is good for you. I therefore make sure to have mine in my herb garden for easy access.

The tea of this grass is used to treat ailments like colds, fevers, malaria, flu, coughs, gas, pneumonia, vomiting, anorexia, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, urinary tract infection (UTI), rheumatism as well as headaches.

It is also effective in the treatment of soothing the nerves. The tea is used extensively, especially in the mornings by most islanders, including myself.  It is a natural herbal remedy and it is also an effective alternative medicine.

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Lemongrass is safe to be given to babies who are suffering from colds, colic and also mucous congestion. A tea made from the root can be used as a mouthwash for various gum conditions and pyorrhea.

In regards to the Mexicans they use the entire plant to make a tea to treat the liver, the spleen as well as the kidney.

In Jamaica we also put the tea on the refrigerator for a nice beverage, especially in the hot summer days.

It is a natural toothbrush

Some individuals found that chewing the roots of fever grass can be like a natural herbal toothbrush which will result in very clean and bright teeth.

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