Fight Infections with Two Natural Foods



There are two natural foods that can effectively act as natural antibiotics to fight infections without the help of drugs. These two natural foods are garlic herb and yogurt. They can also fight colds which are viral due to the fact that these two natural antibiotics can boost the overall immune systems and which can protect and shield persons against cold germs as well as other infectious invaders.

This can be good news to those persons who do not wish to consume synthetic drugs to treat infections, especially the ladies. I have been using garlic for as long as I can remember to fight all kind of infections and it works for me. I do remember a teacher who often consume yogurt for the same purposes and she testified of a positive result as well.

I have no idea why we tend to avoid using these natural foods to treat certain ailments and then complain when drugs reacted in a negative way by presenting side effects to us.

Garlic medicinal herb has been a traditional remedy for ages and was used for all types of ailments. It has the ability to naturally and effectively fight bacteria which some antibiotics drugs cannot do. Garlic is so versatile that it can be added to various meals as flavor and tenderizer.

Allicin is the primary active ingredient found in garlic and it is the one responsible for us contracting less colds as well as it can help us to recover quickly from a cold. Therefore, it is suggested that a daily dose of allicin can be very effective in treating colds.

Yogurt that is made from live bacterial cultures is a probiotic. It strengthens the immune system while at the same time encourages growth of beneficial bacteria. So if your immune system is down and you are fighting infections, then these two foods may just be the answer.

Garlic and yogurt are two natural foods that will be able to fight infections.

Posted May 7, 2015

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